Dragon Con 2017 Coverage + Submit Your Photos, Videos, Recaps, etc.

We were thrilled to be back at Dragon Con as press for its 2017 festivities. We worked our butts off capturing photos, videos, and audio this weekend so we could all re-live the convention’s fun in the midst of our post con depression that happens every year after we all return to “real life.” Over the course of the next month, you’ll see cosplays, game demos, panels, and maybe even a conversation with a favorite actor or creator (plus a giveaway)… so stay tuned to nerdymindsmagazine.com for all that and more!

dragon con media daily planet lois lane press pass

You can expect to see coverage including the following fandoms: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Chuck, Good Eats, Animaniacs, and so much more…

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Additionally, if you attended Dragon Con 2017, we’d love for you to submit a guest post or some photos, etc., covering part(s) of the event. Please submit your writing, photo, video, or audio files, along with any links you’d like us to include to your social media channels or website (if applicable), as soon as possible by clicking here. Anything you were super excited about has a strong likelihood that others will be excited, too… so submit away! Yes, you can submit pictures of your own cosplay – and no, you don’t have to be a professional writer, photographer, etc., to be a part of this fun!

Things we’d specifically like to see include panel coverage – recaps, audio, photos and videos are all accepted – because there was no way for us to cover every single panel, even with multiple reporters at the con; cosplayers doing everyday things (eating, for example), Monday cosplay (that takes dedication), family or couples cosplay; Dragon Con Guests enjoying Dragon Con (snag any pics of actors in cosplay or singing at at karaoke a la John Barrowman, for example?); cosplay of the projects by the guests in attendance (did you dress as Princess Bride characters since Wallace Shawn was at Dragon Con, for example?); your stories of anyone going above and beyond, exhibiting the true spirit of heroism at the con (this can be as simple as holding the elevator for someone who needs it or stepping in when a creeper gets a little too creepy, or as huge as offering medical attention when the unexpected happens – yes service dogs are heroes, too)… but the sky’s the limit, and we’ll accept (and likely love) it all! So submit as much or as little as you like in any medium covering anything, everything, and all things Dragon Con! We may not be able to publish everything, but we definitely can’t use it if you don’t submit!

We’re excited to share what we captured this weekend and see what you got, too… If you’re as excited as we are, stay tuned (and submit your pictures)!

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