Nerdy Minds Magazine to Publish Guest Writers

(Updated to reflect extended dates*) “got a nerdy mind?” Write about it! For the month of July, *and now extended into August, Nerdy Minds Magazine is publishing content from guest writers! If you you have a personal blog – or have been wanting to start writing – about any facet of geek culture but want to see your work in front of a larger audience, today’s the day (this month’s the month) to make it happen!

What will we publish? We believe what makes you a geek is your passion… for comics, for scifi, for video games, for whatever demands your obsession! It’s important to us that you are writing about something you love, because that passion will shine through in your writing – and that’s good for everyone! As content goes, we are open to “list posts”, opinion pieces, reviews, how-to’s, interviews, satires… Really, we’re open. If you have a great idea, let us know! Whether it’s related to board games, video games, TV shows, movies, superheroes, supernatural, or anything else about which you’re super passionate, we’d love to hear your idea!

got a nerdy mind geek categories etc

For more on what we’re all about: although a bit outdated, not much sums it up better than our very first article published several years ago on our first day as Nerdy Minds Magazine.

How does having your writing published on Nerdy Minds Magazine benefit you? Virtually everyone who follows Nerdy Minds Magazine follows us for one reason: they, too, have a nerdy (or geeky) mind! This means that our thousands of followers are the exact audience who will want to read your geeky ramblings – after all, they’ve been reading ours for nearly five years! Putting your content in front of like (nerdy) minds means more shares and more reads than you might get on a personal blog. We’ll promote your piece on our social media channels – after all, when you succeed, we succeed – and if desired, we’ll link back to your personal blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account, which invites our fans to become your fans! If your guest post does well, we may invite you to write more regularly or even become an official part of Team Nerdy Minds!

How do you get your writing on Nerdy Minds MagazineWe’re glad you asked! Just shoot us a message via “Dear Nerdy Minds,” (our contact us page) with a couple of title ideas and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible so you can get your work in front of thousands of nerdy minds!


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