Putting the “Play” in Cosplay: The Magic of Acting in Character at a Convention

On the last day of Anime Weekend Atlanta last year, my friend and I were walking around the convention center, wondering whether it was time to call it a day and start on our long drive home, and a young woman called out to us. “Excuse me,” she said. “You gave my friend a rose... Continue Reading →

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Tom Holland Before SPIDER-MAN: Homecoming

Move over Tobey (Maguire) and Andrew (Garfield), there's a new Spidey in town! And by "new", we mean new! Spider-Man's colors may be red and blue, but Tom Holland, the newest actor to bring our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to life, is pretty green. What we mean by this is Tom Holland's credited film roles only... Continue Reading →

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Dragon Con Is Right Around The Corner (And Coming Faster Than You Think!) – Here’s Why You Should Go!

It’s that time of year again. We’ve endured the winter’s snow, ice, and traffic nightmares, we’ve survived the spring’s annual blessing of yellow rivers that drift lazily through the air, coating our homes, cars, and lungs with a carpet of pollen, and now we’ve finally reached the hot, sauna days of summer. And, if you... Continue Reading →

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BIOSHOCK INFINITE’s Troy Baker (Booker) & Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth) LIVE at MomoCon: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” (VIDEO)

Today, hundreds of con-goers packed into a room to hear Troy Baker (Booker) talk about his voice-over acting career. What we got was a Troy Baker LIVE acoustic concert, VH1 Storytellers style. Fans were delighted when a Troy Baker panel turned into a Troy Baker concert. As an encore, he made every BioShock fan's day/week/life... Continue Reading →

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Top 10 Things We Love About Doctor Who Villains Past & Present

No relationship joyfully celebrates its golden anniversary without having experienced a few ups and downs along the way, and no relationship understands this better than that between The Doctor and his ever faithful fans. Let's face it; we've endured 50 years of cardboard sets, dodgy acting skills and a break longer than even Ross &... Continue Reading →

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Why People with Small Children Won’t Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

I've read enough end-of-the-world books and watched enough end-of-the-world movies and shows to know that people with small children generally do not survive. I blame the children. I've got two tiny ones myself: the Juban Princeling, who is now 5, and the Duke of Juban, who is 19 months. When--not if--the Zombiepocalypse (Zombie Apocalypse) happens,... Continue Reading →

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Reunited & It Feels So Good: Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse) & Christopher May (Uke Box Heroes) Interview, *feat. Screen Used Imprint Chair (VIDEO)

A few years ago, Joss Whedon broke his usual mold and created the short-lived series Dollhouse. It traded the witty surreal formula of vampires and spaceships for a more serious, and more believable, story of a hidden society in the business of programming people. Several Dollhouse alumni attended Dragon Con this year, and one of them... Continue Reading →

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50+ of Your Favorite Geeky T-Shirts for Only $8! (LIMITED TIME SALE)

Shirt-a-day sites are fun because there's always some new and exciting t-shirt design, but shirt-a-day sites are not fun because once your favorite design is gone, it's gone for good - or at least gone at a price worth paying. After the 24-hour sale period, the tees are never to be seen again, or they shoot... Continue Reading →


#Supernatural’s #JaredPadalecki (#SamWinchester) Tweets He “Doesn’t Mind Having a Small Penis” & Internet Blames #MishaCollins (#Castiel)

This just in: Supernatural star Jared Padalecki, who portrays Sam Winchester on the show, must be a believer in the old cliche of "good things come in small packages" and totally "[doesn't] mind having a small penis." Or so says the prankster who nabbed his phone. Likely while Jared was filing new, exciting Supernatural Season 13 scenes, his phone... Continue Reading →

“If I Could Ask Steven Universe One Question…” (submit questions for actor Zach Callison interview)

Steven Universe is a big deal, and we have exciting news for fans of the series! This weekend at a convention, we have an interview scheduled with Zach Callison, the voice actor of Steven Universe himself - and we're asking your questions! Submit your questions by commenting on this post (we have the comments set... Continue Reading →

For the Night Owls, There Are Still #PrimeDay Movie & TV Deals!

For the night owls among us, you're in luck: there are still #PrimeDay2017 movie & TV deals! These deals are exclusive to Prime members - so jump on that free trial STAT! (This post is updated as we see new deals and as deals end and we are made aware of them - if you... Continue Reading →

Late to the party? There are still #PrimeDay #VideoGame deals you haven’t even seen yet!

#PrimeDay2017 is here, and if you've got a nerdy mind for all things video games, you're in the right place! Including deals that have just gone live this evening, or are still scheduled to go live tonight, here are the Deals for Gamers that you can still snag (updated as we are made aware of deals... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: Homecoming GIVEAWAY + 30% OFF on Purchases THIS WEEK ONLY!

Movie preferences vary - you're not always going to love the same movie that your buddy does, and vise versa - but we're going to go ahead and take the leap on this one and say... Spider-Man: Homecoming rocked, and so do these these amazing deals - not to mention the giveaway! For a super limited... Continue Reading →

What #SPNFamily Wants In #Supernatural Spinoff #WaywardSisters

Just announced is the Supernatural spinoff titled Wayward Sisters which promises to focus on Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and a "sisterhood of girls" who "will emerge as a supreme monster-fighting force." Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) has also been confirmed. We did some research and took an open poll to the fans of Supernatural, who lovingly... Continue Reading →

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