Final Frame of HAWKEYE Episode 5 is Pure Gold

In case you didn’t know, a new episode of Hawkeye landed on Disney+ today. If you haven’t watched it yet then click away from this article now! We would hate to be responsible for spoiling the episode for you. Just to be clear: HAWKEYE EPISODE 5 SPOILERS BELOW!

Turn Back Now

As with all Marvel outings, Hawkeye has had plenty of rumors surrounding it. One that we knew for sure was confirmed was the return of Yelena Belova. She made her proper return in today’s episode and was just as delightful as you remember from Black Widow. Seeing her interact with Kate Bishop was an absolute delight, and we can only hope that there’s more of this duo in the future.

The real story, though, came in the final seconds of the episode. The “he” that Clint has been talking about for the whole series was finally revealed, albeit in a grainy cell phone picture. And it was exactly who everyone has been hoping for. It was New York’s favorite crime boss: Wilson Fisk. To make the character’s appearance even sweeter, he’s still being played by the unreplaceable Vincent D’Onofrio. We’d heard rumors that he might be back, but honestly it seemed so far out there that we sort of dismissed them. Why get excited over something that might (probably) not happen? But there he was in grainy, crappy, camera phone quality. And in case you weren’t completely convinced, the credits proudly displayed his name among the main cast.

Hawkeye has been a thrill from the start, but this monster of a reveal just kicked the series into overdrive. As we near the finish line, what can we expect? We have no clue, but whatever it is, we trust that Marvel still has some amazing programming up its sleeve.

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