Maggie Robertson is the Unstoppable Powerhouse That No One Saw Coming

Maggie Robertson is now a multi-award-winning actress, and all for a single role. Unlike many of her co-stars, Maggie (Or “Lady Robertson” as she now jokes on livestreams) was not a seasoned veteran of motion capture or video game acting. As she mentioned in her acceptance speech at the Game Awards last night, Capcom took a chance on her, and I think gamers everywhere agree that it was one of the best decisions Capcom made in regards to the game. While Resident Evil: Village is being praised across the board for the writing, design, acting, and more, it’s ironic that no one saw Maggie Robertson or her character, a 9.5-foot-tall vampire lady, coming. But from the moment she was first shown off, Lady Dimitrescu has attracted attention from every corner of the internet.

Lady Dimitrescu

Nicknames like “Vampire Mommy” aside, it’s undoubtedly Maggie herself who has given so much life to the character. While Lady D is a larger than life figure who commands attention and domination, Maggie is humble and more than a little goofy. At the “Ladies of Resident Evil” panel at LA Comic Con last week she didn’t butt into every conversation or even speak up all that often. Instead she seemed more like a part of the crowd, silently sitting from her end of the panel table, genuinely interested and taking in everything that the other panelists had to say. When she did speak, there was almost no trace of the intensity of Lady D. It’s this dichotomy that proves that Maggie deserves every award that comes her way. Lady D isn’t just Maggie’s natural persona captured with a special camera. Maggie transforms for this character, changing from a joyful, cheerful, friendly actress who often seems legitimately surprised at her newfound fame into the tough, fearless, raging ruler of House Dimitrescu.

And places like the Game Awards are perfect for watching this transformation in real time. To see clips of Lady D on the oversized screen give way to a flustered Maggie as she accepts the award is nothing short of heartwarming. Every time she accepts an award or does an interview, she becomes the Everyman that bridges the gap between the gamer and the game. She seems so relatable, like you might discuss whether or not to buy a candy bar in the checkout line of your local supermarket. Often the actors we see accepting awards or giving interviews seem to have been doing this their whole life, like interviews come as naturally as breathing. While Maggie has stepped into her fame with relative ease, it’s clear she’s still adjusting, and her demeanor has earned her no shortage of supporters and people who are happy to see someone so genuine get such recognition.

Maggie wins big at the Golden Joystick Awards

As someone with only four IMDB credits pre-Resident Evil, it’s exciting to think about where she will go next. The sky’s the limit for her rising star, and if you told me two years ago that the biggest name in video games would soon be a wacky, lovable actress with four credits to her name playing a larger-than-life vampire villainess, I probably would have laughed. Yet here we are, celebrating someone who deserves every accolade she receives. I look forward to seeing what doors this success opens for Maggie Robertson, and in the meantime, maybe I’m due for another playthrough of Resident Evil: Village?

Resident Evil8 Lady Dimitrescu GIF - Resident Evil8 Resident Evil Lady Dimitrescu GIFs

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