Nerdy Minds (Magazine) Launches into Action, and You Can Too!

Today, there are countless blogs and websites claiming to be the final word on nerd culture. Some don’t come close to following through on that claim, and others are arguably truer to their word. Here at Nerdy Minds (Magazine), we recognize that we are people. There is no way that we can know every single happening that comes along or be experts on every topic of geek and/or nerd culture.

This means two things. First, it means that we won’t only post about new things but also put a new spin on old favorites or perhaps draw your attention to a gem that you may have missed (not to mention, some pretty awesome original content in the way of short stories, comedy videos, and podcasts). Second, it means that we’re always interested in hearing from you, the reader, if there’s something you want to read, watch or hear about, or even if there’s something you’d like to write about. We are of the mindset that just because you might not have years of writing experience for a top blog/newspaper/magazine site doesn’t mean you should be denied the opportunity to put your passions out there for others to enjoy. After all, we exist for you and for them.

What is YOUR passion???
What is YOUR passion???

Would you like to get the word out about a podcast or comedy routine, or do you make nerdy music that you’d love to have featured on our site? Maybe you just want to alert us to something you think we should write about, etc. Did we cover the Kickstarter for the new Veronica Mars movie and the short film starring Joss Whedon favorites, Fran Kranz and Amy Acker, or the Firefly board game (etc.) and collector’s edition of Arkham Origins, but forget to mention the controversial decisions made by DC? Let us know, or better yet, send us your take. Who knows, it could end up on the front page of our site with you as the writer!

As mentioned before, we’ll also be trying to look at things from a new perspective. For instance, we might look at co-op and multiplayer gaming differently than most people do (ie: the benefits of couch co-op for couples or for people who don’t want to spend the money on XBox Live and a second system); we might look at relationships within the Avengers that don’t get much attention because they aren’t romantic in nature, or at what it’s like to not be “the geekiest” of people in a world (or office, or convention, etc.) full of geeks and nerds; that’s not to say there won’t be tons of content from the perspective of the “everyday geek” or even from that of the extremely geeky.

Love it or hate it, Big Bang Theory is a not-so-classic example of the non-geek-on-geek action.
Love it or hate it, Big Bang Theory is a not-so-classic example of the non-geek-on-geek action mentioned above.

Our point is this: We plan on breaking the “nerd-blog” mold and showing you things that you won’t find anywhere else (as well as the things you see everywhere else, but hopefully in a way you haven’t seen them presented before). We want this to be an interactive experience in which you can watch as well as participate in what happens at Nerdy Minds (Magazine). Just so we’re all on the same page: we’re not only looking for opinions that are the same as our own; we want a variety, so if your opinion matches that of the minority, we might just consider ourselves lucky to have you as a part of Team Nerdy Minds!

Speaking of Team Nerdy Minds, we have a pretty excellent team so far, but we are still taking on new writers and other forms of content creators. The stone of geekdom is multifaceted, and we want to leave no facet unloved. So if you have something to offer… offer it to us!

Are you ready??
Are you ready???

We’re ready to get started! Are you? If so, make your way to the Contact Nerdy Minds page, and let us know what’s on your nerdy mind! Better yet, come chat with us on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll make a point of responding and/or taking note so we can give you more of the things for which you are nerdiest!

Oh, and we’re brand new today, so if you see any issues, please let us know!

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