Firefly: Never Lost and Never Forgotten

Since its untimely cancellation in 2003, the fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly have only grown more in number and devotion and can still be found flocking to local screenings and participating in charities all in the name of our beloved ship and its crew. Never before has such a short lived show generated so much love and devotion in the hearts of its fans. Still, with a love for Firefly comes the inevitable gut wrenching realization that one season will never be enough, and while the film Serenity wrapped things up somewhat, it still left more heartache than closure in my opinion.

So what’s a fandom to do? Well, Browncoats unite and keep asking for more, of course! This fandom has not disappointed. While we may not ever have another season of Firefly (I never give up hope), we still have generated enough outcry and interest to bring that ship back to life in one way or another: fan films for charity, comics, games, etc. To this day Firefly lives on so that its fans always have some platform in which to take part and enjoy one of the best ships and its crew in the ‘verse.

Even now in 2013, Firefly is being celebrated in numerous ways…

Firefly:The Game
Firefly:The Game

Firefly: The Game is set to release September 2013, so sometime this month basically! This tabletop game has received some pretty good reviews, and what better way to reconnect with the crew than to immerse yourself in their world!

In this game, your objective is to keep flyin’! You receive your own Firefly-class transport ship, find yourself a crew, and start taking jobs. Doesn’t matter much what it is, so long as it pays! You will find yourself faced with no end of trouble. Purple bellies, reavers, double-dealing employers… This game has it all! With the right crew, though, you can deal with anything this ‘verse can throw at you.

Firefly Online will be a social role playing game (RPG) in which the main objectives are simple: “Find a crew, find a job, keep flying.” The game will have numerous features:

  • You will assume the role of captain and pick a crew, be able to customize your ship, and participate in different planet-side  adventures.
  • There will be social abilities that allow you to connect with fellow Browncoats.
  • The cross player features allow you to play from any of your devices.

So far this game will only be available on app stores for your mobile phones and tablets. I, however, am not giving up hope that with enough demand they will open it up to PC. Look for this game to be available 2014!


Dark Horse Comics has already collaborated with the wonderful Joss Whedon and several other fantastic writers to create a few issues of Serenity: Those Left Behind, which tells some tales of our crew in between the end of the series and the beginning of the film. However, it seems Dark Horse is at it again and has informed fans to keep an eye out for the hashtag #WheresSerenity on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for news on an upcoming project. So far, a few panels and illustrations have popped up teasing fans of what’s to come. Personally I have high hopes and love any opportunity given to keep following along with the crew’s adventures.

Browncoats: Independance War
Browncoats: Independence War

Browncoats: Independence War is a Kickstarter project created by Francis Hamada. This fan film short takes place during the infamous final battle at Serenity Valley between the Independents and the Alliance. According to their Kickstarter website,

“Our film deals with several squads of the 5th Battalion of the 76th Combat Brigade. The soldiers are tasked with a dangerous mission, to evacuate civilian refugees who have been caught in Serenity Valley before they are all killed by the inevitable Alliance assault. The plot deals with their mission … and their fate.”

They have already met their goal for funds needed, and the film is in production. Even though it’s not about the Serenity crew, I am really looking forward to this project. I would love to hear someone’s perspective on that final decisive battle. It clearly had such an impact on our captain, and I think giving a voice to those lost soldiers is a project I would very much like to see at its completion.

So there you have it, Browncoats! I know its not the same as having seven or more complete seasons of DVDs on your bookshelf, but I hope that some of these projects at least help you connect with your fellow Browncoats, and on your way bring that crew back to life. If you have heard of any other projects not mentioned here, please let us know. We would love to check them out! Remember folks…

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  1. Excellent article , very informative and fun to read . Good writer Mrs De la Fuente look forward for more of your articles. A Browncoat fan.


  2. Firefly was amazing! Unfortunately I didn’t actually see it until about three or four years ago… and I had the misfortune to see the Serenity film first… so the ‘surprise’ wasn’t actually a surprise at all…

    I’m a bit sceptical about any kind of MMO though, it won’t really work.


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