Team Nerdy Minds: Introducing the Dynamic Duo, Nerdlyweds!

What is this Nerdy Minds (Magazine), and who is “Team Nerdy Minds” anyway? We’re glad you asked!

If you haven’t read up on Nerdy Minds yet, now you can! You can also read up on the other individual writers with nerdy minds in the Nerdy Minds category (They’re not all up yet at the time of this post, but keep checking back over the next couple of days for more).

Now, without further ado, a one-on-one (or one-on-two?) with our dynamic duo, Nerdlyweds!

Nerdlyweds as Firefly's Simon Tam and Kaylee Frye.
Nerdlyweds as Firefly’s Simon Tam and Kaylee Frye.

Who is Nerdlyweds?

Nerdlyweds is a “geek-on-geek” duo living life in co-op: from 2-player gaming to couples cosplay and tag-team blogging. We go by “Mr. Nerdly” and “Mrs. Nerdly” respectively.

For what are you nerdy? That’s right – grammar is important to nerds.

In our house, “date night” is often synonymous with “game night”, whether video game or board game… Our dinners are more often than not spent in front of a 60″ screen watching any number of shows (Currently, we’re switching between Batman: The Animated Series and Castle, but our favorites are largely comprised of Joss Whedon’s or featuring some other form of superheroes, supernatural, or super-awesome). …and like we said in the last question: We’re big on cosplay.

Why do you love…everything you just mentioned?

I (Mrs. Nerdly) can’t even begin to wrap my mind around why someone wouldn’t! It’s all just… fun! Or it makes you think and wonder… All kinds of reasons! We’re just glad we don’t have to choose between what we love and who we love! Besides, it’s all time better spent with someone you love!

What kinds of things can the reader expect to see from you?

We’ll cover co-op games, couples cosplay, and anything with both a hint of geek and a hint of romance. We’ll post good geek date and gift ideas, and we’ll write on (and hopefully interview) couples (or parts of couples) from geek-culture (Check out our Miracle Laurie-Chris May interview from Dragon Con!). We’ll also look at everyday geek culture from the perspective of a married couple; and sometimes (okay, a lot of times) we don’t see eye to eye, so expect to see some head-to-head writing where we don’t agree. OH, and music! Mr. Nerdly’s a fine musician, and Mrs. Nerdly likes to pretend she is.

Our audience is largely of the geek persuasion. How do you fit into their world?

We love sharing what we know with other people who share our interests (and enlightening those who haven’t yet had the pleasure)! We’re a part of the Atlanta Browncoats. Actually, we met through the Atlanta Browncoats! …and we host “Can’t Stop the Serenity” every year in Atlanta. We’re “social geeks”!

Who would win in a fight, cavemen or astronauts, and why?

Cavemen, of course. The way Mr. Nerdly sees it is that if a caveman were in space, he’d then be an astronaut (or something like that); so in order for them to fight as caveman and astronaut, the astronaut would have to come down to earth, and the caveman would certainly win on his home turf. Also, cavemen kill things with their bare hands! …and astronauts eat powdered lunches.

What other information would you like to share with the reader?

What else is there? Oh! We just might be tight with the minds behind Nerdy Minds!

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Remember to check the Nerdy Minds category for more interviews with our writers with nerdy minds!

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