Dragon Con 2017: What Do You Want to See? #press #mediacoverage

Dragon Con is coming soon, and we at Nerdy Minds Magazine are pleased to announce that we will be returning to Dragon Con for our third year as approved Dragon Con media/press. Since our slogan is “got a nerdy mind?” and our mission is to give you “more of that for which you’re nerdiest”, tell us: what makes you geek out? What do you want to see at Dragon Con this year? We’ll do our best to accommodate, so even if you’re not at Dragon Con – or if you are and just can’t get everything you want to do into one long weekend (who can?!) – you can find what you missed, or what you want to see again, at www.nerdymindsmagazine.com!

What are your favorite genres, characters, actors, etc.? Which panels would you like to see covered? Want to see more interviews? More cosplay? Music? Whatever your nerdy mind desires, let us know!

Additionally, if you’re attending Dragon Con 2017 and would like to submit a guest post covering part(s) of the event, please let us know in advance if you’re able; but either way, please submit your writing, photo, video, or audio files, along with any links you’d like us to include to your social media channels or website if applicable, by clicking here.

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got a nerdy mind?

Team Nerdy Minds


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