5 Tips for Kicking Post-Con Depression to the Curb

We’ve all been there – goodbyes have been said, bags have been packed. The con is over, and you’ve got a case of post-con depression. Like the Katy Perry song goes, you want to “do it all again.” But what can you do till next con?

  1. Feel those feels.
    It’s okay to feel sad. Fandom conventions are full of emotional highs, from meeting celebrities, to landing precious swag, or hanging with friends you only see a few times a year; and returning to the real world – and its responsibilities – can be hard. Other times, cons may unfortunately be the venues for arguments, rivalries or other drama. It’s important to unpack both types of feelings. Take time to blog or chat offline with a friend that understands where you’re coming from.
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  2. Give yourself time to acclimate.
    Many people may take a day or two off before the convention to pack and prep costumes or props. It’s just as important to take time after a con, especially if you’re dealing with con crud, too. If you can swing it, add an additional day to decompress and rest – because you probably didn’t sleep at the con anyhow! Once you’ve caught up on sleep, see if there’s anything else that you need to address: grocery shopping, bills, or checking your email inbox (the horror!) to bring you back to ordinary world.
  3. Make plans.
    Socialization is one of the main reasons people go to conventions in the first place, and just because the con is over doesn’t mean you can’t be social. Seek out geek circles where you can have fun until the next con – it could be a local comic shop or gaming store, or a geeky bar. And if you’re missing geeky friends you only see at con, plan a road trip or meetup in between events. If in-person visits aren’t possible, fire up FaceTime instead.
  4. Rewind and review. What went right this con? Do you have any pictures you still haven’t posted to social media? Any tutorials you should be sharing with others? Win any awards or get photo ops that need to be framed? Taking stock will let you relive the best of con weeks after it’s over. (editor’s note: finding coverage of the convention that maybe you didn’t get a chance to be a part of helps, too. i.e. panels they capped the room on before you got in…)
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  5. Find a happy distraction. Some people come home from the con and start planning for the next to keep sad feelings at bay. Post con is a good time to unpack and clean your cosplays so they’re ready for the next con, or even start working on a new cosplay. Other people may use it as a great time to declutter their costume closet and sell or trade cosplays they aren’t going to use anymore. Don’t forget to unpack your geek swag – now would be the perfect time to invite friends over to play that new game you bought or crack open that stack of books or graphic novels you bought in the dealer’s room.

If you’re feeling sad after con, don’t worry – most of us have experienced some degree of post-con depression. Just know it will pass and that geeky interactions don’t have to be limited to the con venue. Find ways to bring that con magic into your everyday life to hold you over till the next time you’re standing in line with your new best friends, winning that gaming tourney, or drinking with cosplay friends at the bar.

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