Interview with Zach Callison (Steven Universe voice actor & so much more)

Not too long ago, we put a question to the fans: If you could ask Steven Universe voice actor Zach Callison one question, what would it be? You asked, and Zach has answered!if i could ask steven universe one question

Zach Callison is probably most well-known for his role as the voice of the titular character on Cartoon Network’s beloved show Steven Universe. His talents are diverse, though, and I got to sit down with this Zach-of-all-trades the weekend of Raleigh Supercon and get some insight into what it’s like playing such a beloved character, a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a show like Steven Universe, and a sneak peek at some of Zach’s future projects. This interview contains questions from fans and spoilers through the episode “Lars’ Head.”

Editor’s note: In the audio-video below, Zach offers such gems as: how he got into voice acting; what commonalities he shares with Steven Universe and how he’s influenced the character; his other projects such as his new YouTube show and his music; and even answers fan questions that he’s definitely not allowed to answer, in the most hilarious way! Listen to the full interview by hitting play on the video below, or if you can’t listen (recommended), you can read a slightly edited version by clicking here!


What do you think after listening to Zach’s interview? How has Steven Universe changed since its beginning? What’s your White Diamond theory? In what ways do you relate to Steven or the other characters in the show?

This interview is brought to you by Alyssa Knoll via Nerdy Minds Magazine! Alyssa is a cosplayer and blogger from North Carolina. When she isn’t sewing or hot gluing, she enjoys binge-watching weird Netflix shows, overthinking things, and making people laugh. She also never shuts up about the things she loves. Connect with Alyssa at @inelegantcosplay on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, and @inelegantcos on Twitter!

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