David Tennant Describes #DoctorWho in 1 Sentence, Shows Support for Female 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker

During a Duck Tales press interview with BUILD this week, David Tennant (10th Doctor, Doctor Who) showed his support for the new female 13th Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) in the best way. David Tennant and (most of) the rest of the Doctor Who family have voiced their support already, while some “fans” have put up a fight… but this is our favorite show of support yet.

Tennant was asked,

“In one sentence, tell me what Doctor Who is.”

To which he replied,

“It’s about a girl in a box who travels around the universe.”

its about a girl in a box who travels around the universe david tennant on doctor who 13th doctor jodie whittaker one sentence

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