Holy Crap, There’s a New Strong Bad Email! #sbemail207 #toocool

“Dear Strong Bad,

How do you type with boxing gloves on?”

“Holy crap.” Everybody stop what you are doing, for there is a new Strong Bad Email! This is not a drill! NEW. STRONG. BAD. EMAIL.

Image result for STRONG BAD

It seems everything from our childhood is making a comeback, including TV, movie, and video game reboots or sequels… and not to be left out is everybody’s favorite boxing-glove typist, Sir Hotbod Handsome Face (Teen Girl Squad anyone?)’s emails.

The newest Strong Bad Email, “Too Cool”, is the first “sbemail” since 2015’s April Fools email (which was the first since 2009) and — well, we don’t want to spoil it for you, so check out the all-new, and yes still as awsful (awesome/awful) as you remember, STRONG BAD EMAIL!!!

P.S. Fhqwhgads!

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