This weekend, something happened that should bring tears of joy to the eyes of Spider-Man x Deadpool shippers. Peter Parker and Wade Wilson made their (b)romance official with a Spideypool photoshoot.

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While it’s clear one of these two is far more into this than the other is, they’re both here; and really, you can only expect so much from Deadpool.

Spider-Man x Deadpool holding hands on swings, facepalm

The photoshoot “lovefest” proved to be exhausting, much like we’re sure any kind of relationship between these two characters would be. And with that, we leave you with this.

Spider-Man x Deadpool wiped out, exhausted

Adorable’s one word for it.

This has been a Nerdy Minds Magazine EXCLUSIVE, developed by us for you! Photography courtesy of Sunshine Kayla Photography; if you loved this photoshoot, follow her on Facebook because she'll be posting more from it soon! Spider-Man cosplayer and nerdy mind behind this photoshoot is Chi Wright of Nerdlyweds! Also featuring Deadpool cosplayer Joshua Bohn of The Everyman Armory! Follow Nerdy Minds Magazine on Facebook for more geeky goodness; also on Twitter as @NerdyMindsMag! Photos should not be used without permission.

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