Cosplayers Gotta Eat (Dragon Con Edition)

Eating. Everyone does it. Parents, engineers, teachers, legendary outlaws, and superheroes alike all have to eat. This year we decided to check out the tastier side of Dragon Con. From Chinese food to pizza and fried chicken, check out the best of your favorite characters chowing down between con events. What is your favorite costume? Your favorite meal?

Dragon Con 2016 302.JPGCatwoman chows down in China Town. Bistro 7, a pseudo-asian restaurant, is a favorite stop for hungy con-goers.

Dragon Con 2016 323.JPGThe busy con day could make anyone  look at a fish filet like Kaylee looks at a strawberry.

Dragon Con 2016 333.JPGOf course, having to stop to eat isn’t so bad if you’re a Han Solo with your very own Slave Leia to feed you.

Dragon Con 2016 225.JPGSubway is the perfect mix of portable and delicious, perfect for hunting aliens on the go.

dragon-con-2016-211This Star-Lord is hooked on a feeling…and on Firehouse Subs.

Dragon Con 2016 084.JPGStar-Lord 2: If anyone is going to look that excited about food, it has to be Star-Lord, right? Wait, is this guy the real deal?

Dragon Con 2016 337.JPGBroadway musicals and Chick-fil-A, exactly the kind of combo you’d expect to find at Dragon Con.

Dragon Con 2016 105.JPGEven bombshells have to eat.

Dragon Con 2016 147.JPGSquirrel Girl was one of our favorite cosplays of the con, and it sure was nice of her to take some time to take care of Tippy Toe’s need to feed.

Dragon Con 2016 184.JPGSometimes there just aren’t any seats left. It’s not uncommon to find the walls lined wth hungry con-goers.

Dragon Con 2016 207.JPGCouples cosplay even makes eating more fun, and these two were the perfect mix of hungry, goofy, and in love.

Dragon Con 2016 515.JPG

Pizza by the slice outside the panel rooms is the perfect option for the energy you need to keep living the con life, or hunting Pokemon in Misty’s case, without having to actually leave the action.

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