(video) The Cast of GOTHAM Live at Dragon Con

Gotham is a pretty dark show; however, the Gotham panel at Dragon Con was anything but dark. The cast seemed as excited as the audience as they literally jumped (and kicked and punched, and kissed and clapped) their way to to their seats on stage. From start to finish, the entire room practically glowed from their energy. [Read to the end for the full video!]
gotham intro.gif
Out of all of the other panels that we’ve attended over the years, we’ve rarely, if ever, attended one of this size. During nearly every panel at every con, at some point the guests will talk about how they’re a family and they’ve never worked with a group this wonderful before… At the Gotham panel, however, although they did say they were like family or best friends, it was clear it was the case without anyone having to say anything. It barely felt like a panel; it felt more like watching a group of friends hang out.
gotham robin lord taylor dressing your best friend in a weird outfit.gif
Like all good panels do, it made us more eager to see the show again. We found ourselves infinitely more endeared to characters like Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk), who didn’t start in the show’s spotlight, and learned that thankfully the creators have “found various ways thus far this season to get more . . . luscious Lucius.” We became even more impressed with David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne)’s acting skills after seeing how joyful and teen-boyesque a person he is, which contrasts greatly with his role as Bruce Wayne. And our love for Butch grew even more after we discovered what a lover and comedian Drew Powell is – he wrote love notes to the audience and flew them out as paper airplanes!
They shared their favorite moments thus far, including Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) murdering his step-siblings and feeding them to their mother (Melinda Clarke, The OC) and “the Butch-zooka scene”, and David teased the audience with his favorite scene which was upcoming and thus a spoiler by promising to talk about it at next year’s Dragon Con (was that a firm commitment they’ll return next year? We hope so).
Although Mazouz praised Robin Lord Taylor and commented on how difficult it is to follow Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth)’s answers (he dropped the mic – a lot!), the highlight of the hour was David Mazouz’s Batman impression. When asked if he would do his best Batvoice, Mazouz (age 15) prepared mentally, and knowing his voice would likely crack said, “Puberty sucks” before letting out a raspy “I’m Batman!”
We don’t want to spoil too much of the fun for you – it’s better “in person”, so we’ll let you watch the entire panel for yourself below. If you’ve never seen an episode or maybe gave up on the show, this panel was definitely an indicator that you need to give the show a (or another) chance – because it’s picking up quickly and shows no signs of slowing down. After watching, we know you’ll be eager to tune in for more Gotham goodness, so remember to check out Gotham on Fox, Mondays at 8pm EST.

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