New Fan Reacts to Veronica Mars Season One (with S1 spoilers)

When I watched the first two episodes of Veronica Mars, I sat there a little bored and thought, “What is all the fuss about?” Two weeks later, I’ve finished season 1 and am dying to make a start on the second season. It took until the end of the third episode to properly draw me in, which is proof that the “3 episode rule”–giving any show at least three episodes to find its footing and win you over–is effective. It was the unconventional reveal that a classmate’s long lost father had undergone a sex change that made me gasp and realise that Veronica Mars was always going to surprise you.


I was convinced for about ten solid episodes that Celeste Kane was the one who murdered Lilly, or at least had some involvement in it, and that Logan was the one who raped Veronica. I can’t even say, “at least I was close!” But the fact that I was completely wrong just makes me love VM even more, because if anything I think I’d have been a little disappointed if I was right. The revelation that Duncan was the one who slept with a drugged Veronica felt a little anti-climactic, although that may just be in comparison to the absolute bombshell that Lilly was having an affair with Logan’s dad. I think when they made that reveal, I genuinely sat upright and yelled, “NO WAY!” at my TV.


It also surprises me how much my opinion has changed of one character in particular. For the first half of the season, I hated Logan. Now, I’m sat hoping he didn’t jump off the bridge and that he carries on as a major character in the next season. I’m pretty optimistic though. I don’t think they’d write a character like him out that way. Weevil is another character who I started off wishing he had less screen time and ended up invested in where his character was heading. Throughout most of the season, I find Veronica is the character that just glues everything together. If she’s not in a scene, I’m admittedly a little less interested. It doesn’t quite feel like it’s on Buffy’s level of character development yet, where I could be absolutely glued to a scene regardless of if the star was anywhere to be seen or not. Writing this makes me realise that I hardly consider Veronica Mars a perfect show yet, but Kristen Bell’s amazing performances coupled with such intriguing plot lines more than make up for my lack of attachment to many of the characters.

One low point of the season I have to mention is the storyline about Veronica’s mother. I really hope she’s out of the picture now that Veronica has kicked her out, but something tells me that won’t be the case. I don’t find her being an alcoholic all that interesting, and parent issues never really make for compelling viewing to me. On the other hand, I really liked Leo, and I hope he makes a return next season. He was dropped like a hot potato by Veronica, and I was interested in seeing more storylines with him.

The season had to end on a little bit of a cliffhanger: Who’s at Veronica’s door? My money is on either Wallace or (I hope) Logan! I don’t really see how it can be anything too shocking. Watch me be completely wrong, though.

I’ve been told by several people who have already seen the entire series that season 2 is a step up from the first and is full of even more twists and turns. I’m looking forward to getting sucked in. What on earth will the big mysteries be next season?!

We’re in the middle of a Veronica Mars rewatch-a-thon leading up to THE MOVIE! Are you watching??? Were your reactions in line with this new fan’s? Let us know what you thought when watching season 1 for the first time (no spoilers for future seasons though)! If you’d like to see more New Fan Reacts posts (perhaps to future Veronica Mars seasons or to other shows), let us know!

This post brought to you by reader request and written for Nerdy Minds Magazine by new fan to the series, Tim Willers. His own blog, Take Two, is just getting started, but we hope to have more posts here from him for you here as well! If you’d like to see something specific on our site, shoot us a message on Facebook and let us know!

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