Ant on Comics: New Comics PREVIEW for 2/12/14


ant_hawkeyeHello, comic friends! I am here to discuss comics that will be released this Wednesday, February 12th, 2014.

Now, if I had the wallet of guys like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark… I would honestly buy one copy of every comic book that comes out. But, alas, I’m not a jewel thief like Catwoman and can’t phase through the floor of my local comic book store like Kitty Pryde to grab every comic book created. So instead I look through the list every week and pull the ones that interest me the most.

All book premises are in quotes and brought to you by Midtown Comics. The rest is all me, friends! For a complete list of releases you can visit Comic List.



The Accelerators #5


“As the nightmarish Time Games hurtle toward their deadly climax, our time-traveling heroes realize that their entire adventure may be part of a larger plan. Someone has been meddling with the past, and nothing has been left to chance. Now, all roads lead to the future. Will they escape in time?”

This is a great time traveling story with elements of gladiator style fighting. I’ve banked the last couple of these because I believe this series wraps up with issue 6, and I am excited to read it all as a whole. A really great independent comic that was highlighted by the I Sell Comics podcast on iTunes.

All-New X-Men #23


THE TRIAL OF JEAN GREY’ PART 3! Jean is on trial and it’s up to the All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy to get her free.”

The young Jean Grey is stuck in the present time, and an alien race wants to put her on trial for eventually becoming Dark Phoenix. There are two issues out now for this crossover story with the Guardians of the Galaxy. It started with All-New X-Men #22, then part 2 was in Guardians of the Galaxy #11.

Kick-Ass 3 #6


“It’s the flashback issue you’ve all been waiting for: The secret origin of Hit-Girl! Training, first blood, and of course, lots of hugs and positive reinforcement from Big Daddy. Exactly how does little Mindy McCready earn her assassin stripes? Hint: It ain’t by collecting stickers. This issue will be extra-sized for extra awesome!”

We are down to the final issues of the Kick-Ass series before it ends. As a fan since the beginning, and having met the creator, Mark Millar, and being a fan of the movie adaptations, I am very excited to see this end because I know Mark intended it to end the way it will.

She-Hulk #1


“JENNIFER WALTERS IS… THE SHE-HULK! A stalwart Avenger, valued member of the FF, savior of the world on more than one occasion, she’s also a killer attorney with a pile of degrees and professional respect. A 7-foot-tall drink of cool, emerald water, she’s tough enough to knock out Galactus with one punch (possibly?) and has a heart bigger than the moon. But juggling cases and kicking bad guy butt is starting to be a little more complicated than she anticipated. With a new practice, a new paralegal and a mounting number of super villains she’s racking up as personal enemies, She Hulk might have bitten off a little more than she can chew… but she just calls that that Tuesday.”

Marvel is unleashing a nice lineup of female centric new series and it continues with She-Hulk. I have never been much of a She-Hulk reader so I am very excited to give this a shot and see if it makes my monthly pull list.

If you are a fan that complains about the lack of powerful women represented in comic books then you should be picking up and advertising this book alongside Ms. Marvel (released last week, it’s FANTASTIC), Black Widow (3 issues out now, it’s FANTASTIC) and Captain Marvel (being relaunched next month.) You only have yourself to blame if you don’t support these books. I love following all of these female characters because at the end of the day, they smell better than the guys after a great adventure.

The Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW


Goblin Nation’ #1 (of 5)- The so-called Superior Spider-Man has failed. Under his watch, the Green Goblin took control of New York’s underworld. This is all Otto Octavius’ fault. Now it’s his responsibility to take the Goblin down. Win or lose, this shall be Otto’s greatest battle. Whatever you do, don’t miss the first chapter of the biggest event in the entire Superior Spider-Man Saga! The End starts here. Superior Spider-Man versus… THE GOBLIN NATION!”

To keep things spoiler free as much as possible, I honestly don’t know the future of this book considering this leads into April’s release of The Amazing Spider-Man #1. The news is out there but I’ve tried very hard to avoid it by un-following the brilliant writer online so I don’t stumble across any posts about where this book is heading and what is happening with the new series.

I absolutely love every single issue of Doctor Octopus living in Peter Parker’s body as Spider-Man, and I am definitely picking up the next series, too, because it’s Spider-Man, but I want to remain unspoiled until I read it for myself.


My podcast, Ant On, is available on iTunes (with a link below this post), and I do several episodes focused 100% on comic book previews and reviews. I also do a comic book segment on my first podcast, AB Conversation, in which I will highlight just a few of the books, leaving reason to check out the Ant On Comics podcast as well for the full feature. The AB Conversation covers movies, television, comics, video games, food and the internet every Sunday morning. Episodes 17 & 18 of Ant On I sat down with my friend, Tyler, and we discussed our general love for comics and how we got into them. It’s a great origin story of my passion for this medium of storytelling.

Pre-orders are key. If you purchase the monthly Previews guide located at your store, or online, you can browse upcoming titles and set up an order and/or a pull-list with your store so they order the items that you are interested in.

If you don’t have a comic book store near you, you have several other choices. I like to visit Midtown Comics as well as Things From Another World. If you are into digital comics, then simply go to Comixology or the individual websites and apps for the publishers you purchase from.

Are there any titles that you are excited for that I didn’t talk about? Contact me and share your non-spoiler suggestions! If you don’t agree with what I have to say, I apologize and hope you are enjoying the comics you read, because I am definitely loving mine.

This is the Ant-Man signing off… I’ll see you between the panels!


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What are you picking up? Let us know in the comments!

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