DICK. The Veronica Mars Spinoff Series Featuring Original Veronica Mars Alumni

Marshmallows, REJOICE (again)! A Veronica Mars spinoff series has been announced! So far, we for sure know that it is from the brilliant mind of Rob Thomas–who brought us the original 3-season series, as well as the upcoming theater feature film, Veronica Mars. Rob Thomas jokes with Marshmallows that the spinoff will be a web series featuring extra-turned-regular posse of obligatory psychotic jackass (Logan Echolls), Ryan Hansen as Dick Casablancas. Or maybe he wasn’t joking?


He further clarifies that the web series would be a comedy featuring Ryan Hansen as Ryan Hansen trying to make a Veronica Mars spinoff series featuring Dick. We accept.


Not only do we accept, but we are enjoying the possibilities that our imaginations have led us to…the majority of which go about like this (the good stuff is at 38 seconds onward).

Wait, what were we talking about?

Stay nerdy, Nerdy Minds! And long live the Dick.

What do you think of a Dick spinoff? Let your friends know!

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