64 EPISODES. 64 DAYS. Veronica Mars Series Rewatch Leading Up to the Veronica Mars Movie Premiere + New Movie Poster ++ Veronica Mars Cosplay

Greetings, Marshmallows!

One full year after creator Rob Thomas launched a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign for the cult neo-noir teen crime drama’s movie sequel, titled Veronica Mars, the movie we’ve all been waiting for will premiere in theaters nation-wide (March 14th, 2014), and we couldn’t be more excited for it!

The brand new Veronica Mars movie poster!
The brand new Veronica Mars movie poster!

We here at Nerdy Minds HQ are big fans of the Marshmallow and Veronica Mars as well as the rest of the Veronica Mars team, so we’ve decided to do a rewatch (or a first watch for some of us), and we want you to join us! Each day, we’ll watch one episode of our beloved 3-season (2.5 really) Veronica Mars (we can’t promise we’ll stop at one episode a day, but that’s the goal). There are 64 episodes and 64 days until the premiere of the Veronica Mars movie (it’s okay if you’re a day or two behind because, like we mentioned above, it’s hard to just watch one episode at a time, and you’ll catch up quickly!). So grab your Weevil plushie (why doesn’t this exist?) and join us on our journey of (re)discovering Lilly Kane’s killer and Veronica’s rapist (it’s more exciting than it sounds)…as Veronica sticks it to the man in every episode (like she does)! (Amazon Prime has all 64 episodes if you don’t own the series.)

We’ll post several articles during our rewatch leading up to the premiere, and we’ll open up the comments sections for discussion! We hope you’ll join us! (On a related note: If you have a good idea for a Veronica Mars post–we’re not just talking reviews–contact us for a chance to have your work featured on our site!)

We will be cosplaying for the premiere, and we welcome any Marshmallows who would like to join us! We’ll be seeing it in the Atlanta area, but we’d wager we can get enough Marshmallows all over who want to get their Mars on for multiple cosplay groups. If you’re interested in developing one, let us know your location in the comments (be sure to subscribe to future comments so you’re alerted if there are other interested Marshmallows in your area)!

Good luck with the whole "no pants" thing at the theater.
Good luck with the whole “no pants” thing at the theater.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the movie yet, you can watch it now.

Are you psyched to finally get our beloved Veronica Mars back? Will you be cosplaying for the premiere? Sound off in the comments, Marshmallows!

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