McDonald’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Toys for Girls & Boys (OR Hey, Super-Feminists: Chillax Already)

Before you go nuts on us, let us first say that we do support women’s rights and equality, gender neutrality and metrosexuality, and all that good stuff. What we don’t support is extreme crazy.

As grown adults, we always get Happy Meals from McDonald’s…and we almost always ask that our toys be “for a boy” because, as a general rule, the “boy’s toys” (Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, etc.) are 10 times cooler than the “girl’s toys” (Barbie dolls, American Girl dolls, other…dolls). Of course there are exceptions (Wizard of Oz, My Little Pony, etc.), but generally, the boys get the cool toys and the girls get…dolls.

With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fast upon us, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are just that: Spider-Man toys…for girls and boys! The feminist in you (whether you’re male or female) may want to pick it apart and rise up in opposition to the “girl’s toys” being pink and purple…and headbands and bracelets. But you, the feminist, could (should) instead be able to rejoice that McDonald’s isn’t serving up Spider-Man for boys and something altogether different (dolls) for girls…which is how they usually work. No, instead this time, they’re saying, “Hey, superheroes are for girls too!” Shouldn’t we be proud? Excited even…because double the Spidey toys? Plus, just because girls can play with “boy’s toys” doesn’t mean all 5 year old girls want to. Some girls want to be a little “girly”, and that’s okay. And if you’re really all, “yay gender neutrality”, why not get your boy the “girl’s toy”? Hey, boys need to keep their hair out of their eyes too especially if we’re operating outside of gender-based rules…so the headband really works for either sex. Just ask for whichever toys you (or your kids) want. McDonald’s actually recently changed their operational lingo, insisting that employees no longer use sex as a differentiators, but rather ask which specific toy you’d like to receive (“Would you like My Little Pony or Skylanders?”).


So try to chillax a little, and go get yourself that Spidey comb and mirror set before it’s gone!

Thoughts? Agree or disagree, we want to know! *The above reflects the thoughts and opinions of this specific author and not necessarily those of Nerdy Minds Magazine as a whole.*

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