Some Funny Thing, with Elijah Cross: They See Me Trollin’ (OR Andrew Mitchell Trolls Brawny)

Carrots 750

In the first two installments of this feature, I railed against Brawny paper towels and did a little trolling on an exotic meats company. This time, I mash up the past antics, and present to you my correspondence with Georgia-Pacific, manufacturers of Brawny paper towels.


Based on the observation I made about Brawny in my first feature, I decided to contact the company via their site – again, as Andrew Mitchell:

I always buy Brawny, but I need the Brawny logo changed. I lost my dad last year. The man I think murdered him came to the funeral and had his hands on the casket. Today, I realized having a lumberjack on a package of paper towels is like having a picture of a murderer (lumberjacks kill trees) on the casket of his victim. It hurts to buy your product now, and you’ll lose me as a customer if there isn’t a change. My dad liked Brawny, so maybe you can have his picture on the package instead.

Their reply and my second message are below (click to enlarge).



Where will Andrew strike next? Stay tuned to Nerdy Minds to find out, and see all the other funny things that come every other Monday!


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