What is RYAN HANSEN SOLVES CRIMES ON TELEVISION, teaser trailer, who else is in it, and why it sounds familiar

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, the upcoming series on YouTube RED, is exactly what it sounds like. Starring Veronica Mars and Party Down alum Ryan Hansen as a "bizarro version of [himself]," the show will see Ryan Hansen partnered with a homicide detective to use his "actor skills" to help solve, well, crimes - and more specifically,... Continue Reading →

Charmander Hits the Internet, Invades the World Within Hours

The internet is a wonderful and incredibly strange place. In the 90s it was a powerful research tool used to aid classrooms with their curriculum. Sure, that still applies now, but the internet is more autonomous, not just reflecting the world but changing it as well. The internet has truly given us some amazing things.... Continue Reading →

TANTRUM — I Mean SURGE — Is Back & Its Amazon Reviews Are Amazing!

TANTRUM -- I mean SURGE -- is back! Err, it was back, but flew off the shelves pretty immediately. Wondering why...? You may have some burning questions about SURGE, and understandably so. You're not alone. Below is (un)official FAQ for the cola, indicating it may be closer to How I Met Your Mother's TANTRUM than... Continue Reading →

Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine Joins Cosplay Community

If there's one name you don't generally associate with the nerd community, it's Adam Levine. Maroon 5 doesn't exactly rank high on the nerd-cred-o-meter, but it looks like they're trying to change that. Adam Levine just shared a picture of his first cosplay. It seems the Maroon 5 frontman is a fan of either Buffy the... Continue Reading →

Some Funny Thing, with Elijah Cross: They See Me Trollin’ (OR Andrew Mitchell Trolls Brawny)

In the first two installments of this feature, I railed against Brawny paper towels and did a little trolling on an exotic meats company. This time, I mash up the past antics, and present to you my correspondence with Georgia-Pacific, manufacturers of Brawny paper towels. Based on the observation I made about Brawny in my... Continue Reading →

“Some Funny Thing”, with Elijah Cross: “Special Meat Inquiry”

If you know vegans or vegetarians, you've certainly heard plenty of facts meant to convince you to join their ranks. Anyone on a particular diet will make a case for their way of eating, but you need to be amazingly persuasive if you're a cannibal. "Hey, man, the human body is ninety percent water -... Continue Reading →

“Some Funny Thing”, with Elijah Cross

"Some Funny Thing" is a feature that will be in your life twice a month. In it, I, Elijah Cross, a comedian, will present a funny thing, either via video or text. We'll start with a video. This video is rated A2, meaning the editors would like you to know I say "a**" in it... Continue Reading →

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