Charmander Hits the Internet, Invades the World Within Hours


The internet is a wonderful and incredibly strange place. In the 90s it was a powerful research tool used to aid classrooms with their curriculum. Sure, that still applies now, but the internet is more autonomous, not just reflecting the world but changing it as well. The internet has truly given us some amazing things.

And then there’s this guy. Behold the Pokemon Charmander drawn in the style of Tim Burton. Just yesterday a post on the internet powerhouse Imgur went viral, a picture of a tattoo of this Charmander with the caption explaining that a friend had gotten drunk and “decided to tattoo a black face Charmander with no experience or artistic ability.” Of course, now the world knows that it was based on the Burtonized version of Charmander, but that’s not what is so amazing.

Here’s what is amazing. Within hours, HOURS, of the picture hitting the front page of Imgur, the Charmander started showing up everywhere, and we don’t just mean the internet. Imgur is currently swimming in a sea of pictures of various interpretations, from T-shirts to a plush doll to a vinyl water bottle lable. This strange phenomenon is an amazing example of just how instant information is and how easy it is to do things that, just a few years ago, would have taken days if not weeks.

Check out some of the Charmander art below. We’ve included physical items as well as some amazing digital art. Did we miss a good one? Share it in the comments and we’ll add it on there!

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