Charmander Hits the Internet, Invades the World Within Hours

The internet is a wonderful and incredibly strange place. In the 90s it was a powerful research tool used to aid classrooms with their curriculum. Sure, that still applies now, but the internet is more autonomous, not just reflecting the world but changing it as well. The internet has truly given us some amazing things.... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Stay Entertained When You’re Snowed (or Iced) In with No Power

Scenario: The news is full of reporters warning you to prepare for the worst winter storm since the 70's...that you could be stuck in your house all week! There's pandemonium at the local grocery stores as bread, eggs, and milk fly off the shelves. Maybe you're out there, too, or maybe, like us, you stayed... Continue Reading →

5+ Geektastic Christmas Trees (quick and easy-ish for the last-minute festive nerd in all of us)

Man, you geeks--okay, we geeks--have gotten creative! We've taken Christmas to a whole new level of nerdery! We've even gone from plain ol' science fiction and pop culture decorations on traditional Christmas trees to as far as making the Christmas trees themselves declare our fandoms. Here are our 5 favorites we've seen so far (which,... Continue Reading →

25+ Nerdy Nativities…Because Superheroes (etc.) Do Christmas Too!

Donning gay apparel is great, but nothing says Christmas like everyone uniting to celebrate the birth of itty bitty tiny baby infant......Flying Spaghetti Monster? Enjoy our collection of nerdy nativities! It's mostly action figures, although there are a few other toys and some artwork sprinkled in there as well! Let us know which is your... Continue Reading →

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