Some Funny Thing, with Elijah Cross: They See Me Trollin’ (OR Andrew Mitchell Trolls Brawny)

In the first two installments of this feature, I railed against Brawny paper towels and did a little trolling on an exotic meats company. This time, I mash up the past antics, and present to you my correspondence with Georgia-Pacific, manufacturers of Brawny paper towels. Based on the observation I made about Brawny in my... Continue Reading →

“Some Funny Thing”, with Elijah Cross: “Special Meat Inquiry”

If you know vegans or vegetarians, you've certainly heard plenty of facts meant to convince you to join their ranks. Anyone on a particular diet will make a case for their way of eating, but you need to be amazingly persuasive if you're a cannibal. "Hey, man, the human body is ninety percent water -... Continue Reading →

The First “Can You Brain?” Contest – Solve Puzzles and Win $50 in Nerdy Prizes!

If you're like me, you love finding challenges for your mind. I grew up obsessed with ciphers, lateral thinking puzzles, and anything with the name Rubik attached to it. In time, I started creating puzzles of my own. Now, my years of not dating means a chance at $40 in GameStop cards and a $10... Continue Reading →

“Some Funny Thing”, with Elijah Cross

"Some Funny Thing" is a feature that will be in your life twice a month. In it, I, Elijah Cross, a comedian, will present a funny thing, either via video or text. We'll start with a video. This video is rated A2, meaning the editors would like you to know I say "a**" in it... Continue Reading →

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