Yakko Warner (Rob Paulsen) Performs “The NEW Countries of the World” LIVE at Dragon Con with Original “The Nations of the World” Songwriter (Randy Rogel)

Animaniacs was one of the most educational cartoons of the 90s. Take a moment to finish laughing and then prepare to be shocked. Through silly songs (take THAT, Veggie Tales!) and goofy scenes, the Warner brothers and their Warner sister too taught us countries, state capitals, and even the Gettysburg Address. But what about now? A lot has changed since the show was on the air. Well, Yakko Warner himself, Rob Paulsen, was joined by original songwriter Randy Rogel at Dragon Con and gave us an updated version of the most popular Animaniacs song, “The Nations of the World”.


The duo performed to a packed room at the Hilton hotel, and over 100 people were turned away after the room was filled to capacity. Lucky for you, though, we were there to catch the magic, and you can see it below. The performance proved that, even with actors from Arrow and Doctor Who attending Dragon Con, the Animaniacs have held onto their fanbase for over twenty years and can still fill a room (and probably could have filled two). So, without further ado, behold Rob Paulsen and Randy Rogel at Dragon Con 2015 performing their updated “The Nations of the World”, or as they called it “The New Countries of the World”.

Did you know? “The Nations of the World” was written by Randy Rogel, a writer from Batman: The Animated Series and Animaniacs, whose son was studying geography. When he saw that “United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama” all rhymed, he got to work on the lyrics and sent the song to Animaniacs. (Animaniacs Wiki)

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