Yakko Warner (Rob Paulsen) Performs “The NEW Countries of the World” LIVE at Dragon Con with Original “The Nations of the World” Songwriter (Randy Rogel)

Animaniacs was one of the most educational cartoons of the 90s. Take a moment to finish laughing and then prepare to be shocked. Through silly songs (take THAT, Veggie Tales!) and goofy scenes, the Warner brothers and their Warner sister too taught us countries, state capitals, and even the Gettysburg Address. But what about now? A... Continue Reading →

Love Puns? Movies? FUN? Should You Get The #SCHMOVIE #PartyGame? Yes, You SCHOULD!

Should You Get SCHMOVIE: The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films? Yes You SCHOULD! ...for yourself, or for your friends – FYI Schmovie's the gift that keeps on giving! Love puns? Love movies? Love fun? Schmovie's for you! Need more convincing? Read on! Here's what the Schmovie team has to say about it: Come up with funny titles for make believe movies in... Continue Reading →

“Some Funny Thing”, with Elijah Cross: “Special Meat Inquiry”

If you know vegans or vegetarians, you've certainly heard plenty of facts meant to convince you to join their ranks. Anyone on a particular diet will make a case for their way of eating, but you need to be amazingly persuasive if you're a cannibal. "Hey, man, the human body is ninety percent water -... Continue Reading →

“Some Funny Thing”, with Elijah Cross

"Some Funny Thing" is a feature that will be in your life twice a month. In it, I, Elijah Cross, a comedian, will present a funny thing, either via video or text. We'll start with a video. This video is rated A2, meaning the editors would like you to know I say "a**" in it... Continue Reading →

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