Shirt-A-Day Sites Celebrate Exciting FIREFLY News

We’re as excited as you are about the Firefly/Serenity cast reuniting for THE FIREFLY VIDEO GAME (Firefly Online). It seems shirt-a-day sites are as excited as we are, making the shirt-a-day for today Serenity-centric!

We’ve listed our favorites below. We’re affiliates of some of these sites (which means we get a small percentage of purchases  made through our links), so please buy through our links to support us and help keep Nerdy Minds Magazine alive!

Ript Apparel has not one, but THREE Firefly shirts. The first is our favorite; which one is yours?

8-bit Leaf on the WindSmuggler RumThe Mighty Jayne


Aplentee (haha, get it?) has a more subtle shirt, but it’s just as cool!

This sort of counts. It’s a weekly shirt site, and it’s only half Firefly, but Weekly Shirts is reprinting a fan favorite Firefly/Star Wars crossover tee.

Let us know which one is your favorite, and share them with your friends so they can snag a shiny shirt, too!

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Comments? Questions?

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