Whole FIREFLY Cast to Reunite for FIREFLY ONLINE MMO!

Everyone who has seen Firefly wants more Firefly. Well, those people are about to get their wish. Sort of. At San Diego Comic Con, it was just announced that the entire crew of Serenity will return to voice their old characters in the upcoming Firefly Online MMO. Alan Tudyk will also be voicing additional characters, though we’re not exactly sure what that means. Still, with voice acting credits like Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, he’s more than qualified to voice multiple people and not be recognized.

Even more interesting, though, is the other returning Firefly actor: Michael Fairman. Fans of the show know him as the mob boss Adelai Niska, one off the coolest big bads to ever come out of the Jossverse. We know that we’ll be having our very own Firefly Reunion party soon to celebrate. How will you celebrate?


It seems several of the Shirt-A-Day sites are celebrating by offering Firefly-related shirts today. They won’t last long, though, so snag yours before the day ends!

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