FIREFLY: The Whole Gorram Crew of SERENITY is Back Together!

Update: Unfortunately, Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin have canceled (we’re bummed about it too).

There is a Serenity-shaped hole inside us all…and for the first time in forever, our big damn heroes are getting back together! All of them!


Don’t go nuts yet, Browncoats. They haven’t promised a return to TV or anything like that…but we can still dream, right? What we are promised, though, is a fun time reminiscing with the cast and crew (see what we did there?) at Dallas Comic Con! Who knows, maybe they’ll act out some never-before-seen Firefly shenanigans for us? (We’re still dreaming, I know.) At the very least, though, we’ll get to see our crew together again, and you can finally get that Jayne hat/Mal pistol/Fruity Oaty Bar/Blu-ray signed!

Fans are already scrambling to get their affairs in order to fly to Dallas (I know we are), with those who have already experienced this full cast experience encouraging us all to make it if we can.

First gorram time I’ve ever actually WANTED to go to Texas (I HATE hot weather).” -Amanda H.

“Nearly nine years after the fabled Flanvention, Dallas hosts the second one a month from now. If you can get there, go, I was lucky to be at the first one, including Christina Hendricks dropping by.” -David M.

Our yearning for more Firefly may never end (and rightfully so), but this will make for a mighty fine memorial celebration at least. A mighty fine shindig, if you will.

Dallas Comic Con is May 16th through the 19th. We’ll see ya there! Click here to buy tickets! Single-day passes are available…or for ~$80, you can get unlimited access for all 3 days!

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2 thoughts on “FIREFLY: The Whole Gorram Crew of SERENITY is Back Together!

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  1. In the interest of a reboot, I am more than willing to forget all about that little detail where both Wash and Book were killed dead in the movie…who’s with me?


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