Why Nerd HQ Matters (And How You Can Help)

Nerd HQ is a free four-day event held in San Diego at the same time as Comic Con. They offer celebrity panels, nerderific parties, and exclusive gaming, all while raising money for the charity, Operation Smile. That, my friends, is Nerd HQ in a nutshell. However, what I’d like to share with you all is why Nerd HQ matters. Why we can’t let an event like this slip away…and if we don’t jump in and help by Friday (11:59pm PT), it could be gone forever.
1. Conversations for a Cause
Do you enjoy getting to know your favorite nerdy celebrities? I’m sure you love it as much as I do. Take 5 minutes and go to YouTube; type in The Nerd Machine, and take a long look at that list of names that have graced the Nerd HQ stage. Nerd HQ provides you with hour long Q&A’s with everyone from Nathan Fillion to Matt Smith to Stan Lee. Ask yourself this question: where else can you find content like this? The answer is, you can’t. What comes out of these hour long sessions is nothing short of magic. I don’t want to ruin anything for you, but I don’t think you’ll see Tom Hiddleston do a velociraptor impression (a la Jurassic Park) anywhere else. These sessions are live streamed the day of, as well as posted to YouTube to live on the internet forever. Now click play on the video below and watch the magic happen.
2. It’s Unlike Any Other Event
This event is made for fans, by fans. I challenge you to think of any other 100% free event that provides you with food, drinks, games, parties, and an awesome space to hang out. Oh, and that’s on top of the Conversations for a Cause, the celebrity signings and photo ops! In previous years, celebrities that have come by the photo booth have included Jared Padalecki, Olivia Munn, Alan Tudyk, Zachary Levi, and many more. https://i0.wp.com/cf.badassdigest.com/_uploads/images/38188/20140306154519-matt__zac__richard__span.jpg
3. It Bridges the Gap
As I said, this is an event for fans, by fans. The mission is to bridge the gap, to bring you closer to your favorite celebrities in an intimate event. I hate to break the news to you, but celebrities are people. Let go of that sigh and take a breath. Nerd HQ aims to connect you with these people, who do extraordinary things. There’s a reason we love them, it’s because they have amazing lives. If you believe in bringing that one step closer, you believe in Nerd HQ.
4. Profits Go to Operation Smile
If what I’ve said so far isn’t enough of a reason for you, then maybe the fact that the profits from Nerd HQ go to Operation Smile will help. All money raised from Conversations for a Cause, signings, and photo ops go directly to Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe. Left untreated children struggle to eat, hear, speak, and develop dental necessities. Nerd HQ has been a supporter of Operation Smile since it began. They have raised $415,000 to date. Nearly 1,700 lives that have been changed because of the help received from Nerd HQ. Now think of a world without Nerd HQ; that’s 1,700 children that wouldn’t have been helped. Take a moment to digest that.
Now I want you to think, is all that worth $5? Is it worth giving up your morning Starbucks for a day for any or all of the reasons listed above? I believe you know the answer to that: it’s a yes, it is worth $5.
BONUS: If you donate at least $5, Zachary Levi might fly to you and take you (and a guest) out to dinner. It’s win-WIN!

Donate to save Nerd HQ on Indiegogo here! Even if you can’t donate, you can still help by sharing this post to spread the word (it takes maybe 2 seconds) so your friends can help too!
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