10 Spoiler Free Reasons (that start with a C…for Cap!) to Drop Everything and See CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER

We attended the Captain America Double Feature hosted by AMC Theatres (thank you, AMC!), and we could tell you it was awesome until we were red, white, and blue in the face…but instead we’ll tell you why it’s awesome and simultaneously the top 10 reasons (that start with the letter C for Cap) that you should see it ASAP.


Only 10? Good question. There are plenty more than ten reasons to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but we’ve got to draw the line somewhere. So we each made a list. Then we asked our friends to make lists. Then we took to Twitter and Facebook to see what you guys enjoyed the most… and we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 reasons to drop everything and see Captain America: The Winter Soldier ASAP.
(NOTE: This post is spoiler free! By “spoiler free”, we mean we won’t ruin anything for you that the trailers didn’t…unless you’re one of those people who think knowing a certain actor is in the movie is a spoiler…in which case, you should probably get off the internet…and don’t watch TV…and definitely don’t go to movies because those have trailers… You get the picture.)

10. Comic (or other Marvel Movies, etc.) Crossovers/References/Easter Eggs
We won’t list all of the references to other Marvel comics (or movies, etc.) in the Winter Soldier because you should get to experience some of them for the first time first hand, but some of the more obvious ones include Nick Fury striking a deal involving getting Iron Man to stop by a child’s birthday party, a drug Bruce Banner invented to keep his heart rate low, Agent 13, Arnim Zola, Dr. Strange, and Agent Sitwell. Not to mention all of the direct crossover possibilities with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
marvel cinematic universe

9. Costumes
The comic book world and its cinematic counterparts make up a [super high number fake statistic] percentage of why cosplayers live and breathe. The Winter Soldier upped that number. Not only are there  new costumes in the movie, but we get to see some old favorites too (sort of)!

8. Chicks Kicking A$$.
Okay, so mostly it’s Black Widow doing the major a$$-kicking, but isn’t that enough? Just in case it isn’t, though, we did get some additional kicka$$ery from Maria Hill and Agent 13.

7. Cobie Smulders/Maria Hill
Speaking of kicka$$ females… Until now, there was never enough Maria Hill. She was briefly in The Avengers and in the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but she really steps it up in The Winter Soldier! With How I Met Your Mother‘s series finale behind us, it’s good to see her again…and this certainly gives us more hope for a bigger presence from Maria Hill, whether on the big screen or the little one.

6. Comrades (Old and New)
There aren’t a lot of people from Cap’s past who are still alive (he’s 95 years old by this point), but the ones that matter most are here in one way or another… We also see a camaraderie between Cap and Black Widow that wasn’t as evident before; a real friend not only has your back in battle but also in dating, and Natasha’s got Steve covered in both. Then there are new friends: since Falcon is a huge part of the Captain America comics world, we knew he had to start working with Cap eventually, and The Winter Soldier is a good beginning to a beautiful friendship…
Captain America Black Widow Dating Advice

5. Colonel Nick Fury
We’ve always known Samuel L. Jackson/Nick Fury was a mother-effing bada$$, but Sam Jackson’s time on screen until now has made Nick Fury feel more like a cameo than anything. We finally get to see him as a full-fledged character with a mission. And mad props to Marvel for sneaking in that Pulp Fiction reference: “The path of the righteous man.”

4. Comedy
Remember how The Avengers added some much-welcomed comedic genius (thanks, Joss Whedon!) to these movies? Captain America: The Winter Soldier ran with that, balancing it perfectly with the more serious plot devices. The amount of comedic moments in the trailers were minimal in favor of showing off the story and flashy stunts…and while those are all wonderfully executed in the movie, the humor throughout really helps to make it that much more enjoyable!

3. Combat/Choreography
Kicks, flips, parachute-less plummets from aircrafts… This is a big jump (pun intended) from The First Avenger. Chris Evans actually fought to make Cap more acrobatic, specifically more like the video game version of Captain America, and the movie is better for it. Good move, Cap. We don’t just see Steve Rogers punch someone in the face and then throw his shield across the room; we see him perform all sorts of acrobatics and even some new and exciting tricks with his shield!

2. Conspiracy
Secrets, lies, betrayal, revolution… Everything established so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far is called into question within the first half hour (probably less). We won’t spoil things for you, but you find out pretty early on that “Who can I trust?” is a valid question. Promos for this movie has said that Winter Soldier is less of an action film and more of a political thriller. They couldn’t be more right.

1. Captain America/Chris Evans
This may be a bit more “state the obvious” than we can bare, but it’d be a great disservice not to make the star-spangled man himself #1.  Steve Rogers is a 95 year old dude with super powers, yet somehow this character is one we can relate to. Chris Evans helped shape the character of Captain America for The Winter Soldier, and Cap is more believable because of it. Whether he’s parachuting sans parachute or just out for a morning jog, we find ourselves identifying with him as a person.

1. Credits (During and After)
This could fit under the References/Easter Eggs point (#10), but it really deserves its own closer-to-the-front spot on the list. Any true Marvel fan knows better than to leave before the credits are completely over.  Mid-credits, we get an extra peek (directed by Avengers director, Joss Whedon) of the troublesome (and awesome) twins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. But if you don’t wait until the very end, you’ll miss out on some much needed closure/build-up for the Winter Soldier’s storyline. We won’t spoil anything, but suffice it to say that the final end credits scene is a little different than the ones you’re used to.
…and yes, we feel justified having an extra #1 since the stuff that happens during the credits is “extra” too.

This post is spoiler free! Feel free to go nuts and share/tweet/stumble/tumble (etc.) the crap out of it without ruining it for anyone else. We’re grateful to you for spreading the word!

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