Captain America: THE WINTER SOLDIER + THE FIRST AVENGER Double Feature *plus freebies!

AMC Theaters is usually pretty awesome when it comes to celebrating the release of a new movie. If the movie is part of a series with previously released installments, they generally host a marathon (or a double feature) and give away some pretty sweet merch! (For example: Thor: The Dark World was preceded by Thor and The Avengers, and all attendees received a Thor/Loki lanyard + a Thor: The Dark World full size poster…and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was preceded by The Hunger Games, with all attendees receiving a Hunger Games lanyard and District 12 Victor dog tags!) So earlier this week, a month before the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and still no marathon/double feature announcement, we were starting to get a little worried! Worry no more, Cap fan-boys and -girls! …for we have an exciting announcement for you!

captain america double feature the winter soldier the first avenger

AMC hasn’t made the official announcement just yet, but they informed us today that they will be hosting a Captain America Double Feature, where we get to relive the events of The First Avenger and then watch the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier before everyone else does. While the rest of the world gets to see it on April 4th, those of us lucky enough to get tickets to the double feature will be seeing it in RealD 3D on April 3rd! …but wait, there’s more. We’ve chatted with AMC and confirmed that if you purchase tickets to the Captain America Double Feature, you’ll receive a free full-size The Winter Soldier poster and a limited edition CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD lanyard! It doesn’t get much better than this, guys.

Above is the best picture of what you’ll be getting that we can offer you right now (because so far it’s all we’ve been shown by AMC)…but even so small, it’s still so awesome!

Well, what are you waiting for??? Go buy your tickets before they sell out!

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