The Dark World Preceded By Thor Marathon On THORsday, November 7th!

You were born with great purpose — to join forces with AMC and stand together (while sitting comfortably) for the Marvel’s THOR Marathon in RealD 3D! It begins THORsday, November 7 at 2:30pm with Marvel’s THOR, followed by Marvel’s THE AVENGERS and the premiere of Marvel’s THOR: THE DARK WORLD at 8pm.

Last summer, Marvel’s The Avengers became the third-highest grossing film of all time, so chances are that you saw the movie, which means that you probably like Thor. But just how much do you like Thor? If you just can’t get enough of this Marvel character (or if you just like looking at Chris Hemsworth), then get your wallets out!


AMC will be hosting a marathon of Thor-featured movies on November 7th. The fun will start at 2:30 PM with the original film, Thor, followed by The Avengers at 5:00 PM. Finally, at 8:00 PM, attendees will get what they’ve been waiting for: the premiere of Thor: The Dark World.

One day, three Thor movies!
One day, three Thor movies!

Each $25 ticket includes these thunder-ful giveaways:

  • $5 AMC Stubs™ Bonus Bucks for members who purchase tickets before November 7
  • Commemorative marathon lanyard
  • One exclusive Marvel’s THOR: THE DARK WORLD movie poster. Choose between Thor and Loki.
Thor AND Loki posters... Which will you choose?
Thor AND Loki posters… Which will you choose?

So get ready to grab Mjolnir and your “Jane”, and enjoy a date night…er…day. You can even surprise her with the complimentary lanyard and full-size poster (or if you’re single, you get to keep them for yourself)! If you do bring your significant other though, be sure not to stare at Chris Hemsworth too hard.

Anyway, Joss Whedon even helped to make this movie what it is, so we’re optimistic!

We’ll be there; will you? (Specifically, we’ll be at Sugarloaf Mills in Lawrenceville–outside of Atlanta. Let us know if you’ll be there!)

Tickets for this Asgardian marathon can be found here.

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