Listen to Kristen Bell Narrate VERONICA MARS: THE THOUSAND DOLLAR TAN LINE (novel by Rob Thomas)

Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell (and company) filled the marshmallow-shaped hole in our hearts when they Kickstarted a big-screen Neptune High reunion and murder mystery movie (click here for a SPOILER FREE review of the movie), featuring all of the series regulars and giving us closure on the, “WTF ever happened with Logan and Veronica??? …and everyone else,” thing. But now… they keep on giving.


Rob Thomas has begun a series of novels to keep the Veronica Mars story alive and kicking! And he was lucky enough (yea sure, luck) to snag the narrating talents of the Marshmallow-turned-Gossip Girl-turned-Disney Princess herself, Kristen Bell, to read the first one to us in the audiobook version! (Can I just say how stoked I personally am to have this read to me by Kristen Bell? I wasn’t thrilled to have to get my Veronica Mars fix in book form–I’m not what you would call “a reader”–but this… This will definitely do…because more Kristen freaking Bell, guys!)

It’s true. Kristen Bell is narrating the audiobook of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.

I’m pleased that we were able to get an actor with Kristen’s talent and experience. I tried to get the voice actress who played the narrator in Gossip Girl, but apparently she has a movie out that just did a billion dollars worldwide, so she’s entirely out of our league now. I think you’ll enjoy Ms. Bell’s performance as the titular heroine of the book, nonetheless. You’ll also hear her interpretations of all the other roles as well: Veronica voices Weevil! Veronica voices Cliff McCormack!

(The book and audiobook are not PG-13, for the record, so if you prefer the audiobook, you’ll get to hear Kristen drop more than one F-bomb. You’re welcome.)

First, there’s not a book more suited to an audiobook than Veronica Mars, and there’s no one more suited to read said audiobook than Kristen Bell. It’s perfection. I’m dying a good death. I cannot wait.


Second, it’s out today…so we don’t have to wait!

Not sure whether an audiobook version of Veronica is right for you? Ask your doctor, or – this is probably more helpful – listen to Kristen reading the first five minutes right now:

If you’re interested in reading (or hearing) the rest of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, Random House has a rundown of where you can order the print, eBook or audiobook versions.

Third, the notion of Kristen Bell voicing Weevil is hysterical.

It’s time to party, Marshmallows.


Will you be getting the novel in “read to yoursef” or “read to me, KB” format? …or… BOTH!

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