Listen to Kristen Bell Narrate VERONICA MARS: THE THOUSAND DOLLAR TAN LINE (novel by Rob Thomas)

Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell (and company) filled the marshmallow-shaped hole in our hearts when they Kickstarted a big-screen Neptune High reunion and murder mystery movie (click here for a SPOILER FREE review of the movie), featuring all of the series regulars and giving us closure on the, "WTF ever happened with Logan and Veronica???... Continue Reading →

Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady: A Short Story of “The William’s Hunt”

This short story by author Krista Cagg only appeared at the end of the collective of episodes for the premier plot of the Steampunk series, The William's Hunt. It appears now, here, for the introduction of Nerdy Minds (Magazine). Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady She walked into the crowded bar alone, and made... Continue Reading →

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