Enter Player Two (You Don’t Have to Play Alone): Diablo 3, Xbox 360

Diablo III
Diablo III

I’ve been looking forward to this game for months (years), and I am hoping to get just as much longevity out of it as I did Diablo 2. Sadly, my computer doesn’t have a high enough Intelligence rating to run many games, and buying a new one was not an option at the time. When the console version of Diablo 3 was announced, I was ecstatic. My focused mental prowess knew it would see an Xbox 360 release even though it had only been announced for PlayStation. I held off from pre-ordering for this reason (There is a legitimate reason why I shun my PlayStation, but that is another story). My wife pre-ordered the game as a birthday present, and I waited anxiously until it was finally delivered. Years of excitement for this game, and there is one aspect that stands out most of all:


Finally we can slash and burn through the levels of Hell together, rather than me snuggled up to my computer screen alone. Diablo 2 was a game that kept me locked inside a dark room for years. It was my go-to game whenever I hit a gaming dry spell. I am hoping the console version will help end those lonely nights.

There are a couple of minor things that we find annoying about the game. There is no split-screen, so the screen is shared. Instead of zooming out when one player begins to wander off, he or she is teleported back to the other player. The second thing is that only one person can access the menus at a time. Being a game that is loot heavy, you have a significant amount of break time while the other player browses through everything they’ve picked up.

A few words of advice though:

If you are a loot hog like I am, show some restraint, or you will end up playing alone anyway. Ninja loot all the Rare items, and watch how fast your co-op game becomes a real life PVP.

So for all of you Player Ones out there, listen up. Take care of your Player Twos. Without them, you’re just playing with yourself.

And I leave you with a final thought…

A question of gaming etiquette: Is it okay to play ahead on a different save file when playing a game co-op with a significant other?

Nerdy Minds could use your help! Find a glitch in this post (typo? broken link? bad info?), disagree, or just want to share your take on something? Let us know!

One thought on “Enter Player Two (You Don’t Have to Play Alone): Diablo 3, Xbox 360

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  1. To me, the fact that only one person can access the menu at a time is more than annoying, it’s basically a deal-breaker. As you pointed out, there is a lot of inventory management in a game like this…. I can’t figure out how the developers thought it would be ok to have players take turns waiting for eachother to rush through their management. I also am not crazy about sharing gold between characters on a single account. As for your etiquette questions, I think you have to agree in advance about if one person can play ahead. It’s probably more fun to stick together though.
    I got this game intending to play it co-op with my SO, but we have ended up playing separately, because it just didn’t work for us as a co-op game.


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