See Christian Bale’s Batman Audition


For fans of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, the website Batman News has posted a very interesting video this weekend.

In a posted review of the Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collectors Edition, which comes out September 24th, 2013, they reveal that each actor had to audition as both Bruce Wayne and Batman in a screen test. During the screen test, each actor had to wear a Joel Schumacher era batsuit while playing opposite Amy Adams in the role of Rachel. They have posted a clip of Christian Bale’s audition to the web.

It is of interest that while Bale did use a deep gruff voice during the audition process, the voice that was used in the final film products was more extreme than that of the audition. The collection also includes Cillian Murphy’s Batman audition, which prompted Christopher Nolan to consider him for the Scarecrow, but that clip has not been posted online.

What do you think of Christian Bale’s audition screen test compared to his performances in the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy?

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