The AVENGERS: ENDGAME Rerelease is a Complete Mess

Marvel is rereleasing Avengers: Endgame with extra footage. At first, I couldn’t have been more excited. A reason to see the movie again? Sign me up! Then came the news that there would be a promotional poster available as well. Sweet! I mean, just look at it!


Then came time to buy tickets. Wow. What a cluster-you-know-what that has been. AMC’s Twitter claims all showings at all theaters starting Friday will have the additional footage. I called my local AMC Classic, and they didn’t know but thought they weren’t getting the additional footage. So I spent the next hour dialing and redialing my other local AMCs trying to find out if they had the footage, but no one ever answered the phones.

So I called general Customer Service. Of course they knew nothing. Online Chat? They knew even less. So I started calling Regal, and of course no one knew anything there either. It seems that no one has any clue what they are showing or how to handle it. I, someone whose information came entirely from Twitter, somehow know more than customer service reps.

As of this writing, it looks like no one knows what theaters are showing the extra footage and that no theater will have the poster promised by Marvel Studios. I want to see the new footage, but I definitely want the poster, too.

For all of Marvel’s successes, it seems they aren’t doing so well in the “Communicate with Your Theaters” department.

Comments? Questions?

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