Happy Birthday, FIREFLY! 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition to Celebrate 15 Shiny Years

Happy Birthday, Firefly! What more can we say? We love you. We really love you. And while we may be able to think of a couple better ways to celebrate this historic day (I’ll be in my bunk), this shiny new collector’s edition of our favorite show is a good start! (Yes, right now it says it’s scheduled to be in stock on the 23rd of this month, but we highly recommend ordering now – since it lets you – because you don’t want it to sell out before you get yours!)

Honestly, it’s the cover that makes this new edition worthwhile, we think. Because it’s wonderfully rustic and it fits in with their world, with that universe. It is more than a case for your favorite sci-fi western. It’s a display piece which will fit in perfectly next to your Firefly ship replica, Jayne’s cunning hat, and your inflatable reaver axe… for example.

But the insides are great, too. After all, IT IS FIREFLY. Plus it features a map of the United Alliance of Planets and in-character head shots meet quote cards of all nine main (human) characters.

Just hit this link to jump to buy your very own Firefly 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition! Two more things, Browncoats: KEEP FLYING and STAY SHINY!

above photos by Kiki



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