“Movie Reactions” is a game played here at Nerdy Minds HQ when we brainstorm for movie review features. Now we bring our game to you, with prizes for the winners! The game is simple: record (audio or video) the reactions you have after seeing a movie for the first time. Submit your recording, and find the best ones featured (in whole or in part) on the front page!


You’ll need a recording device (audio or video) anda mostly quiet space; if a quiet space is unavailable, that’s okay – you’ll just need a microphone that will prioritize your voice over the background noise (or hold the recorder close when you speak). If using a video camera (or cellphone), you’ll probably want a tri-pod or flat surface to set it up on (or steady hands) and decent lighting – but feel free to get creative (found footage reviews, anyone?)!


1+, all ages (with basic communication skills). Best suited for 2-4 players, ages 5 and up!


The only rule in “Movie Reactions” is this: No talking about the movie – at all; not even a “So good, right?!” or “Oh my gosh!” – until your recording device is set to capture your audio and/or video. This gives time to wrap your mind around what you’ve just watched and build suspense between you and the other “Movie React-ers” (players)… But don’t wait too long! You don’t want the excitement (or disdain) to dispel. Once you’re set up, give yourself a “3-2-1… action!” and spill! Talk to us solo, or discuss with a friend – conversation, and even debate, is highly encouraged! Once your recording is complete, send an email with your recording file attached to; we’ll score your submissions and determine the winner(s)! Finally, keep an eye on our website or social media accounts (find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at to see if your “Movie Reaction” is featured!


“Movie Reactions” submissions are scored for content and interest-level by our judges. Winning “Movie Reactions” will be featured on our website, and winning “Movie React-ers” will receive a prize with same-movie relevance (while supplies last – if a relevant prize is not available, a substitution will be made).

Comments? Questions?

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