Agent Peggy Carter is a hot commodity right now. After being introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Captain America: The First Avenger, she became popular enough to warrant two seasons (more if fans have their way) of her own television show. Funko has made Agent Carter figures, cosplay groups dedicated to the character have popped up on Facebook and elsewhere, and now an officially licensed game, Marvel: Puzzle Quest, has given fans something never before seen outside of fan art: Peggy Carter as Captain America! And it is glorious.
The costume seems to be based off of the Age of Ultron Cap costume but with a few Carter flairs. For instance, the jacket has a lower neck that shows a red dress shirt and white tie underneath.
While the game doesn’t exactly provide the most gripping dialog or story, every word that Captain Carter speaks sounds natural when imagined in Hayley Atwell’s British accent.
It’s only a matter of time before cosplayers bring the character to life, and we can’t wait to see it (send us a picture when you do, and you may find your Captain Carter featured on our site)! Who knows, maybe one of the many other Marvel mobile games will bring Captain Carter to life. Or how about a made for TV movie starring Atwell as Steve Rogers’ replacement?
What do you think?

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