Disney Crossovers Go to the Next Level With Olaf Disney Pricesses

A few days ago we shared some MARVELous Frozen/Captain America: The Winter Soldier crossover pictures that looked like they could have been pulled straight from Frozen. You guys seemed to like that so much that we’ve found yet another awesome crossover we know you’ll love featuring everyone’s favorite talking snowman! These hilarious pictures kind of make us want to see these versions of our favorite Disney classics.

Which Disney princess would you like to see Olaf as? And gosh, can you imagine the songs he might sing?

Olaf Princess 01 Olaf Princess 02 Olaf Princess 03 Olaf Princess 04 Olaf Princess 05 Olaf Princess 06 Olaf Princess 07 Olaf Princess 08 Olaf Princess 09 Olaf Princess 10

You can find even more Olafs at the artist’s page, dailyolaf.tumblr.com!


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