Star Trek: Renegades, An Interview with Captain Lexxa Singh (Adrienne Wilkinson of Xena: Warrior Princess)

Greetings, Nerdy Minds! Remember awhile back when we talked about the upcoming Star Trek: Renegades project? Well, filming wrapped up back in October, and the first teaser trailer was released in November! It gave us a wonderful glimpse of the new feel that Renegades is going to give the franchise. The trailer released at the end of December was a brilliant look at Capatain Lexxa Singh, along with some new faces and a few old ones. All that is left is to cross our fingers and wait anxiously for CBS to make the smart decision and bring this show to life, preferably in the form of a new television series, but I would definitely tune in for a web series. I know all my fellow Trekkies (or Trekkers, we are all family, guys) would agree.

I am more excited for this series now than I was before. The trailer looks excellent, and this new side to the federation has me grinning from ear to ear. There is so much to look forward to! With that in mind, let’s discuss the captain.

I imagine it is tough being the new captain in the Star Trek universe. So many fans out there have their favorite (*cough* Picard *cough*). In my opinion, each brought something new and unique to the show, and no two captains are exactly alike. Star Trek: Renegades introduces us to Captain Lexxa Singh, and I have a feeling she is going to easily leave her mark in the hearts of the fans. Her brilliant storyline and her kickass personality tell me that Star Trek will definitely benefit from having this strong female character sitting in the captain’s chair.

I have been a fan of Adrienne Wilkinson since I first saw her on Xena: Warrior Princess, so when given the chance to discuss the upcoming Renegades project with her I geeked out in a truly embarrassing fashion (my husband had to witness it). Thankfully we corresponded through messages because she probably would have a been a little frightened if she had been able to see or hear me. Anyway, I know you guys will be as excited to see her in the show as I am! Check out their Facebook page and web site for more info!

Our interview below:

First off I loved the trailer! I am so excited to have a new female captain who also kicks total ass! Now that you have gotten to know her better, what can you tell us about Captain Lexxa Singh? Her personality and how she takes to her role as Captain?

So glad you enjoyed the trailer. We are all very proud of what we’ve created. Yes, Lexxa does kick ass…both literally and figuratively. Lexxa is multi-layered. She has a complicated background…and like most of her crew, she enters the story in a messy way and being pulled in more than one direction. She is smart, calculating, sexy, strong and doesn’t suffer fools. I picture Lexxa like a cat with a mouse – enjoying the chase but entirely confident that she is in control and always has the upper hand despite the chaos around her.

Renegades is in no way your typical Star Trek! However, did you look to any previous captains when preparing for your role?

I intentionally did not. Lexxa is a captain unlike any other…so I did not want to draw from any previous captains (despite how fantastic they were). And yes, Renegades is not your typical Star Trek. It is darker, and the lines are more blurred. We are basically a black ops team doing the missions that have to be done but unacknowledged by and often unsupported by Star Fleet. While staying true to everything that came before, our entire ‘baseline’ and point of view is different than what you have seen onscreen previously.

Lexxa is a descendant of the infamous Khan Noonien Singh. Can you tell us anything about how she feels about her heritage?

I can tell you very little about this plot point, aside from the fact that it does give Lexxa a bit of a genetic advantage. She is fierce and fearless, and that comes across in her fighting style, her bravado, her decision making and probably in her ego. But her history is also a sore point for her – and effects everything, and not always in a positive way.

You have a history of strong female characters (Eve from Xena: Warrior Princess and Maris Brood from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed come to mind!). Did you channel anyone in particular for your role? Especially for the amazing fight scenes?

Thank you….I am lucky, having had the chance to play such cool characters. I cannot say I channeled anyone in particular though I am inspired by many things. I just wanted Lexxa to be feminine but tough as nails. I wanted her crew to never doubt they were in capable hands. The fight scenes were choreographed on the fly and hence, we went with my strengths. I grew up as a dancer, and that lends itself to certain traits – flexibility for example. We just went with what felt strong and like it fit the character. She is no nonsense and has a bit of a rough and tumble street fighting style more than a fancy martial arts background.

I saw an amazing picture where it looks as though you were flying through the air getting ready to punch someone into the ground! You said no wires, and you were channeling your inner badass! Did you perform all your own stunts in this production?

I do love that photo – I’m so glad the photographer (Don Malpass) was able to capture that moment. It is one of those moves where you even surprise yourself. But yes…channeling the inner badass and also inner dancer trying to get as much lift as possible. Yes, I did all of my own stunts…but we were also blessed to have Tarah Paige as part of the cast…and she is a world-class gymnast and also happens to be my size. So one day we did have her put on my wardrobe and do some fancy moves in the hopes that we may add them to the fight scenes. I have no idea if those will be used or not. But if the final film has me flipping through the air, we will have Tarah to thank for that.

I know you have said you are new to the Star Trek universe, but now that you have been properly introduced, how do you feel about Star Trek?

Everything about my Star Trek experience has been lovely. The fans are incredible and so enthusiastic. The work has been a dream, and I hope we have much more ahead of us.

We are so excited to have Tim Russ directing this, and I feel he will really bring an amazing series to the fans. What was it like working with him as both director and fellow actor since he is reprising his role as Tuvok?

Tim and I immediately clicked. We saw Lexxa the exact same way and had the same goals for the material. I am so grateful he is directing. He knows exactly what works and how to make it ‘real’. He also loves a good laugh – which is delightful, as shooting can be so stressful for everyone. Tim shoots very fast, he is very specific about what he needs from you and he is open to collaborating….you can’t ask for more than that. I loved the experience. We only had 1 scene together, but it was a doozy. If not my favorite scene, it is close. It showed a completely different side of Lexxa and reveals much about her personality.

Is there anything you would like the fans to know about you?

Hmmm. I am lucky to have several fun projects happening at the moment, so I think I would just ask everyone to check out my website and other online resources. Lots of fun stuff to come!


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  2. Ben Browder would be interesting, aglhouth I think Harvey might sneak his way on board and that I don’t think I could take. Aeryn Sun was played by Claudia Black, a Kiwi if im not mistaken. I take it you liked Farscape, what an underrated show, good to see its getting some love +1Was this answer helpful?


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