Danny Wells, Better Known As Luigi Mario, Passes Away

Often when a television star passes away it is met with waves of fans mourning and retrospectives on the star’s life on every major news site. Sometimes, though, a television star passes away with barely a whisper. Such is the case with Danny Wells, who passed away late last month, as indicated by the delay in the news breaking.

Don’t recognize the name Danny Wells? You’ll likely recognize his face.

Did you just get hit with a wave of nostalgia? Danny Wells played Luigi (and voiced the character for the animated segments) in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show television show from the late 80s. The show is almost a novelty nowadays; volumes of the show can be found on DVD in novelty stores for a few dollars, but as a kid there were few shows cooler than this one. The show is hard to find with decent picture quality these days, but the show itself was the definition of kids’ show quality. Not only did it feature cartoons, but the Mario brothers had live action segments throughout the show that featured such stars as wrestler Sgt. Slaughter (above) and basketball legend Magic Johnson.

Magic's Magic

If you’ve never seen this show, then we highly recommend checking it out. The live action segments are hilarious, and the cartoons are full of fun. You’ll see characters from Super Mario Bros. games that you’ve probably forgotten about, and you’ll hear classic sound effects when the characters jump or shoot fireballs. Where else can you actually see Luigi riding a Super Mario Bros. 2 ostrich through the desert while wearing a cowboy hat?

Luigi Kid

So today we tip our hats to Danny Wells. He may not be a household name, but he’ll always have a place in our video collection.


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  1. I heard the news from you guys first, and maybe two days later on MSN. Time to revisit this series. Fond memories of that show, that’s for sure. Watching it more recently made me wonder how old Danny Wells back then–I guess he was in pretty good shape if he could be a Mario Brother in his 50s. 🙂 Well, he shall be missed. As someone who almost always had to be Luigi playing the Mario games as a kid, I always had a special fondness for the character. I’m glad the Year of Luigi is going to continue on into next year…RIP Danny Wells….


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