The Biggest LOKI Fan Face-off + Another Chance to WIN a THOR Poster!

As we’ve come to find out, “Thor or Loki?” may not be the most difficult of questions, if it’s even a question at all… Spoiler Alert: According to some 99% of you, the answer is “LOKI LOKI LOKI!” It goes without saying that we were made a mite uncomfortable about how verbose some of you were with just how mischievous you want to get with the god of mischief…


A more difficult question, though, is this: “WHO’S THE BIGGEST LOKI FANGIRL(or boy)?” We hosted a face-off between the two winners of the “Thor or Loki?” poster giveaway (they both chose Loki, which means there’s still a Thor poster to give away! Click here to enter to win the THOR poster!), and these two were more than ready to:

kneel before the god of mischief…annabathkneelbeforeloki

rename their animals…


sport hand-made Loki gear and lay down some sweet haikus…


as well as some confused ones (bless her heart, she tried)


and that’s not to mention the heap of steamy Loki fanfics we’re sure each girl has each imagined with herself as Hiddleston’s co-star… but we’ll leave that to your imaginations. But here’s something a little milder (click the picture below to be taken to the “ficfan”).

Without further ado, we must announce that their insane fanship cannot be measured, and thus cannot be ranked. We gladly present you both, Mandy Curtis and Anna Bath, with the LOKI version of our Thor: The Dark World posters (we bought another because we couldn’t send Thor to a Loki-lover’s house… he might not be safe there). Congratulations to the Ladies of Loki.

Please contact us with your address, so we can put Loki on the first flight out to your place.

via chronorover.tumblr

To everyone else, remember you can still enter our THOR poster giveaway! Click here to enter to win the THOR poster!


Want even more chances to win even more awesome stuff? Clicking here is a good place to start!

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