How Do You Thank A Superhero? (OR Support Our Troops: The Big Thank You)

Editor’s Note: Nerdy Minds Magazine understands and respects your political views and choices–no matter what side of the war effort you fall on, which party you belong to, or if you support the U.S. government or not. This is not about the politics; it’s about the people. Everyone should give and receive a little gratitude on Thanksgiving. …even if it is “a ritual sacrifice with pie”.

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We all know superheroes walk among us hidden behind goofy glasses, high-powered cameras, and cramped phone booths… but what about the everyday superhero whose only “superpower” is going to work every day? The superheroes I am referring to are our service men and women stationed around the world in the United States Military. All they do day in and day out is go to work; they do not see themselves as superheroes, and they are just doing their jobs. Yet “super heroic” is the only way this reporter knows how to describe these brave men and women. These men and women are missing out on things this holiday season that we all take for granted. While we stuff ourselves with turkey or soylent green and watch football or marathon Star Trek (like we do at the Cooper house… you know, like “normal” people), these superheroes will be standing guard around the world missing this time with their family and friends.

More than 60 Soldiers, with the 204th Area Support Medical Company, returned from a 9-month deployment to Basrah, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom on July 1, 2010 at the armory in Cottage Grove, Minn. (Photo Credit: Sgt. Dajon N. Schafer, Minnes

So how do we thank them? We here at Nerdy Minds have the answer: we write. We all take five minutes out of our day and write a simple thank you letter. The nationally syndicated morning radio show, The Bert Show, holds a letter drive called The Bert Show’s Big Thank You at this time every year in the hopes of providing every single service man and woman stationed outside the U.S. with a thank you letter on Thanksgiving morning. There are a few rules to the letters which are outlined below:


Each letter should be heartfelt, handwritten, original, and free of any political statements. The purpose of the letter is to express thanks to the military personnel currently deployed outside the United States. The Bert Show’s Big Thank You reserves the right to eliminate those messages that are political in nature and do not reflect a positive message in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

  • All letters must be on 8.5″ x 11″ paper or smaller.
  • Do not use glue, tape, staples, cardboard, glitter or otherwise attach anything to the paper.
  • NO construction paper.
  • Decorate using crayons, markers, pens or pencils.
  • Use both sides if you like, but use one page per letter only.
  • Do not send greeting cards or photographs.
  • Feel free to include your mailing and email address.
  • Individual letters should not be sealed in envelopes.
  • Do not send anything except letters.

(We cannot accept donations of any kind, and they should not be included or attached to letters.)

military flag

Whew… now that we have all the rules out of the way, you need to know where to send them. Unfortunately, owls, subspace communication, and R2D2 holograms are not yet readily available, so regular post must do. Any of the radio stations that carry The Bert Show are receiving the letters, and  Jersey Mike’s Subs are also accepting letters. Those locations can be found here. The deadline for these letters to be at the stations is November 1, 2013. Please help thank our superheroes.



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