Steve Niles (Creator of 30 Days of Night)’s Home Devastated by Floods – You Can Help

Steve Niles

Horror fans, Steve Niles could really use some help right now.

As reported by Bleeding Cool and others in the last day, Steve Niles had his Austin, Texas home hit by the flood waters brought on from the storms that tore through that area over the weekend. The good news so far is that all reports indicate that everyone in the house, people and animals alike, managed to get to safety through the waist-deep waters. The bad news is that Steve lost a good deal of what he had in his home, including unique items that likely cannot be replaced. The really bad news is that Steve didn’t have flood insurance.

Steve Niles had this to say on the matter:

Woke up at 6am to water rushing into the house. Already ankle deep by the time we saw it. We got as much as we could off the ground and tried to block but there wasn’t much we could do. The worst was trying to get to Gil. It was waist deep almost and strong enough to throw around logs. I reached him and he was submerged and freaking out. Don’t remember much more then lifting him and carrying him all the way back to the house. Looking back I can see how scary it was.

We are securing the house as much as we can and going through the damage. A scrapbook full of original art I’ve kept for 30 years is gone. A lot more.

Our friends Belinda and Steve are setting up a fund to help. I feel terrible about this but once things settle I’ll have to face up that we need help. I just wish I could catch my breath for 5 minutes and I can make my own money. Austin has had other ideas I guess.

We’ll keep you posted. We’re sort of trapped here for right now. Going to pack and move as much as we can before the next storm hits.

Thank you guys so much.

The fund that Steve references can be donated to through Paypal via email address:

Bottom line, guys: This is not the kind of thing that anyone should have to face without some help. I’m sure that other funds and aid will be set up for the area in general, but Steve is one of us. He’s a horror geek from way back in the day, and he’s given a lot to the horror community over the years. A little bit given back by us right now might not be such a bad thing.

Steve Niles is a prolific writer of horror fiction for comic books and graphic novels. His credits include Night of the Living Dead: London (with Clive Barker), Spawn: The Dark Ages, Criminal Macabre, Bigfoot, Creeper: Welcome to Creepsville, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath, Giant Monster, Wake the Dead, and Aleister Arcane among others. But what he may be best known for to many is as the creator of the vampire story 30 Days of Night.


Please share this post to get Steve the help he needs!

This post brought to you by Jerry Chandler.

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