Grand Theft Auto V Garage is Losing Your Vehicles


With Grand Theft Auto V being one of the largest video game releases in history, making $1 billion in less than 3 days, Rockstar isn’t celebrating quite yet. Rockstar’s support has been extremely busy on support forums assisting gamers all over the world with any glitches or issues. Past issues have included the game actually crashing older model Xbox 360 systems, as well as the graphics not rendering properly if installed a certain way.

Rockstar has received reports on vehicles and upgrades made to vehicles disappearing completely from players’ garages. Rockstar support has been working extremely hard since the game’s release to fix all issues and find the culprit of any issues that have been appearing. The company is currently warning gamers to avoid storing vehicles in the garage until the bug can be fixed.

The official Rockstar support page will be updated as the issue is being handled.

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